Weekly Report 20 Feb 11

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Weekly Report 20 Feb 11

Post by Brad » Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:53 pm

The monster tides have been and gone and as predicted, not a lot of fish were caught during that period. It didn't stop blowing until Sunday lunchtime, so opportunities have been few anyway. The huge tides pick up all the flotsom from amongst the mangroves and dunes where tides don't usually get, resulting in a floating mass of junk going in and out with the rushing water along the coast. I made the mistake of trying for a whiting - ended up snoozing in the shade of a pandanus tree instead. The bright spot looks like prawns. The big tides really move the schools around and I would expect some good prawning this coming week on the low tides.

The 4 day chart indicates another south-easterly on our doorstep, but with any luck it might only last three or four days. If the coming weekend finds us enjoying that rare decent weather I've heard about, the reefies will have to be hungry I reckon. The estuaries might be worth a look too, possibly for Pikey bream and the odd decent Blue salmon. If you desperately want to chase a barra, the best advice is to head south and work around the Gladstone area. The escapees from Awoonga are providing surprises for many fishers in the Boyne River and the smaller fish from spawnings back in 2008/9 are around where the water is clean enough to lure.
Just keep trying.

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