Weekly Report 4 Apr 11

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Weekly Report 4 Apr 11

Post by Brad » Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:24 pm

I think I'm seeing the season changing to autumn at long last. That should be good news from the point of view of less rain, but will mean gusty south-easterlies setting in. There will be a succession of big high pressure systems moving west to east across the bottom of the continent, with few breaks in the wind, but that is how it is in autumn. Statistically we get favourable winds during Easter only one on eight years. Needless to say no one has been able to get offshore for the past week.

The good news continues to be the solid catches of quality chocolate mud crabs around the region. That at least is an immediate positive benefit of the freshwater. There is still of lot of flood water pouring down the Fitzroy River and it will be another month at least, even if it stops raining now, for this to move through the system. There is still half a metre of water going over the spillway of the Fairbairn Dam at Emerald and minor flooding in the Connors River and all that water eventually ends up going past Rocky and out to sea. I've pretty much resigned myself to waiting until winter to get back on the water with any regularity.

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