Weekly Report 10 May 11

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Weekly Report 10 May 11

Post by Brad » Tue May 10, 2011 3:04 pm

I trust everyone enjoyed the Easter and May day breaks. The weather in these parts was both good and bad, so at least there was the opportunity for a fish before things turned sour. May Day Monday saw one of the biggest usage days on record for the Rosslyn Bay boat ramps. Cars and trailers were parked in every available spot and even in places they shouldn't be parking. This has given the boys at Emu Park renewed hope for lobbying for a new launching facility to be put on the planning calendar for that end of the coast - good luck.

The reefies continue to please around the Keppels and out wider. There are still good grunter up north and big Black jew have turned up at all the usual spots right on queue. I haven't heard too many confirmed reports of mackerel in any quantity of quality around yet, but they shouldn't be too far away out around the wider islands in the bay. The temps are dropping as you'd expect, so the barra are closing down in most locations. Shame so many huge fish were netted and killed around the Gladstone area for reportedly $2/kilogram. Any wonder few have any confidence in our Fisheries managers to effectively protect our prime species when that is allowed to happen. Everyone knew what was on the cards, yet apparently our "educated" fisheries mangers are blind to predicting the inevitable.

The chart for the coming week doesn't look too promising, especially as the week wears on. So if you need a fish, better plan to go out early in the week I suggest.

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Re: Weekly Report 10 May 11

Post by fisher55 » Thu May 12, 2011 1:38 pm

For fact I seen the barramundi go through the auction at raptis for between around the 6/7 dollar mark on average, so not only were the barra sold for a reasonble price but the public who don't fish would have been able to purchase fresh caught barra at a reasonable price. Also it is a shame to see rumours like this put on the internet to stir tention bwteen recreational and commercial fishers.

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Re: Weekly Report 10 May 11

Post by mel01 » Sun May 15, 2011 5:55 pm

more mis truths Kim as per usual. i have not heard of barra going under 6 bucks a kilo but around 7-8. why do you try and tell wong info on a site that is about fishing not other peoples jobs. the fish that are stocked are partually or fully paid for by gov grants which are generated by taxes.we all pay tax so have a right to the resource.as to the stories about pros mass killing turtles around emu park and yeppoon, well there are a lot of turtles dieing in sholewater bay but no comm fishing there for years so explain that. as to boat ramp issues ,in recent years 1 new ramp at harbour,2 pontoons at harbour,new ramp at corroman ck, new ramp at south rocky. it seems to me that some rec fishers behave like spoilt kids and want their way all the time. well i have wasted enough of my time typing so im going FISHING.

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