Weekly Report 16 May 11

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Weekly Report 16 May 11

Post by Brad » Mon May 16, 2011 7:19 am

We've had an early taste of winter. Last week saw cold south-westerlies and clear days arrive nearly a month ahead of schedule. The water along the coast cleared up and people responded by throwing a line out from most vantage points. Some excellent sized steelback fired up in Coorooman Creek and good flathead were taken in the estuaries as well. Offshore conditions weren't great, as once you got a few kilometers offshore, the wind was a steady 12-15 knots or better. Maybe the Black jew and grunter bit up north, but I haven't heard any definite reports.

Unfortunately the big high pressure system that gave us the nipply weather has progressed east and we're now getting hammered by strong south-easterlies that will linger most of this week. With any luck though, things should start to settle down by the weekend, so there is a chance we may get reasonable conditions by the weekend. The tides will be good for offshore it that happens, so it will be interesting to see if the reefies around the Keppels are affected by the rapidly cooling surface temperatures. We have seen very few legal sized Doggies the last few seasons, so I'm not confident that will improve, as I fear the stocks have been decimated by the relentless offshore netting over the last 5 years. Keep a look out for Blue salmon once conditions improve, as it's that time of year when they school along our coast as well.

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Re: Weekly Report 16 May 11

Post by fisher55 » Mon May 16, 2011 3:53 pm

Kim, You seem to have many factless comments towards the commercial industry. Give me some reasons as to why I should beleive you, considering you are simply writing these claims from behind a computer.

Firstly, before ranting on about how the commercial fisherman are decimating fish stocks lets hear somepoints to suppoert your claims.

1. How many commercial fisherman actually fish from the Yeppoon area?
2. Is there more or less commercial fisherman than previous years?
2.What is the annual take of doggie mackerel out of the Yeppoon area? Has it increased/decreased?
3. How many square kilometers of yellow zone is in the Yeppoon area? From the map I can see that Corio headland, Most of the beach from Yeppoon all the way up to Corio headland, and the northern end of Curtis Is. Plus the inside of both North and Great Keppel Isalnd are closed to netting. All prime doggie mackerel areas.
4. What would be considered sustainble catch levels for commercial/recreational out of the Yeppoon area?
5. I want to know who and how many of these RELENTLESS offshore netters actually exist?
6. How big are there boats? For example are they capable of even carrying the amounts of fish that you claim.

I would like everyone who reads Kim's report's to know that Queensland Fisheries has brought in many managment arrangments to ensure sustainability of our fisheries. To be brief they include thing's such as quota's, gear restrictions, area closures.

From your reports you seem to just want to blame commercial fishing for a lack of fish regardless species without supporting yours claims with any fact. The one funny thing about this is that commercial fisherman are still catching fish and it's now 2011. Commercial netting is certainly not a new concept and if the fall in fish stocks which you claim to be happening is true , then commercial fisherman weould have gone long ago.

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Re: Weekly Report 16 May 11

Post by gar » Tue May 17, 2011 7:54 am

Hey Kim, go and spend a couple of hours at the boat ramp on a calm morning and you will see the TRUE meaning of RELENTLESS.

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Re: Weekly Report 16 May 11

Post by robfish » Tue May 17, 2011 6:08 pm

Funny how after Section 35 was abolished all the Quasi ''Pros'' become Pro Bashers,Doblo would be discusted eh.

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Re: Weekly Report 16 May 11

Post by mel01 » Thu May 19, 2011 5:14 pm

Kim if it wasnt for legal comm. netting you would have not much to write about. watch the trouble start around kepple sands area soon.a certain group has moved into the area and now pots going missing in pumpkin ck and big loads of illegal netting at long beach.this group have been bought to the attention of fisheries by 2 comm. fishers so far.if these people are seen dob them in as they dont care what they catch or keep. no they are not indiginious fishers either.

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