Weekly Report 14 Jul 11

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Weekly Report 14 Jul 11

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:47 am

Howdy from Stanage Bay and the sixty islands surrounding us, The Weather: Well over the last two weeks its been mostly like glass, sometimes in the morning it has been a bit choppy, other times in the arvo, over all its been nothing more than splendid. however when the western wind, got into the act it cut off the bottom fishing in most places up here, oh well, time for spanno and salmon fishing. The Fishing: Outside there has been a real mixture, a mate and his crew up from Brisbane hit the jackpot this year and couldn't do a thing wrong where ever he fished. onya Teddy. The reds, sweeties or lippa known by some really turned it on. once again aus. iqf pillies and squid was the bait, and of course all purchased from me. (good bait) There have however been some sob stories, sorry fellas better luck next year.

The Crabbing: Well once again there are good stories where the fellas have done extremely well (the guys who take the time to listen to me, use the good pots and fresh bait) and others that no mater what they tried they failed and one sad gripe where once again there was an a....hole who couldn't help himself and had to not only run this poor guys pots but kniffed the pots to get the crabs out (keep it up mate and one day karma will get you)

The Road: As far as i have heard its all systems go with the road, I have had no complaints. I think I have everyone that travels it, trained, don't complain and cop it sweet, or simply dont travel it, stay away. In saying that, Please do your maintainance prior to leaving home and slow down, the property owners are experiencing so many cattle who have to be shot/ killed, from being hit by vehicles and left with broken legs etc. So please slow down the pace, dont drive like a fool if you want the authorities to stay off the road, and drive to conditions. The cattle sleep on the road at night and on a lot of the properties the road is not fenced, a lot of the cattle are black which honestly you can not see at dusk, early morning and at night, until right up to them.

The Camping: You can camp, a donation towards keeping it mowed by the locals is expected for your stay. However there are Stanage Rules: Respect everyone, Be Honest, use your comonsense, and Clean Up ( leave it better than when you came) we have no council who comes up and does it, thats the way we like it, no national parks, no authorities with excess rules, as yet, so come on do the right thing. its all b.y.o. water, shower, power, toilet paper/cleaner etc. its bush camping at its best, remember that, and everyone will be happy.

The Rentals: There are many rentals up the Bay now and there are unfortunately rules apply, once again the comonsense, respect, honesty comes into play again - simply leave them as you find them, clean and tidy, take all your rubbish to the 24hour free dump, live like a pig if you like but PLEASE PLEASE, if you want to return and rent any place up here in the future, you must leave them clean and tidy. ( yep us girls up here doing the bookings n cleaning do talk and have our black lists) The Boat Ramp: Save the bullshit guys, its get on the ramp and off the ramp as soon as possible, none of this getting on the ramp, then checking out if your battery works, your bungs in, or like some ol fellas did the other day, washed inside and outside their boat with a bucket and brush whilst other boaties were desperately waiting to get their boats on the trailer as the tide was gushing out. once again the old Stanage Rules apply: commonsense and respect for others. save the ramp rage - we dont need it, ok. one ramp, one pub, one road in and out, one tackle shop, sooner or later we all talk, either to each other or about each other.
Until next time keep those rods wet,
cheers Von
PS. we love to see people - sometimes when they get here, sometimes when they leave. its up to you.

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Re: Weekly Report 14 Jul 11

Post by Jimm8 » Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:08 pm

Hi Von
Sometimes when people go on fishing trips they leave there brains at home Hervey Bay is the at its worst this time of the year 2 lane ramp at Point Vernon and 3 try to use it at the same time then it get uguly!!!!!

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Re: Weekly Report 14 Jul 11

Post by ratsack » Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:36 am

Good on ya Von. skitch. Don't need sh*t about when we are up there to enjoy. Mate, we are having a great run of snapper, pear perch, tragalin and leatherjackets are in plague numbers. Maybe see you in a couple of years Hi to Tony. Rhett Nambucca Heads

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