Weekly Report 17 Aug 11

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Weekly Report 17 Aug 11

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:09 am

If you haven't been fishing lately, you haven't missed too much around these parts. As I've always maintained, fishing around the full moon is rarely productive, and last weekend proved that yet again. I failed to take my own advice and had a fish around the Keppel Islands. It was as quiet as I've ever seen it. I couldn't even lose a fresh prawn. The sounder was fishless and hardly anyone I spoke to back at the boat ramp had caught a fish. The surface water temperature is down to below 18 degrees, which also is a bit low for reefies. However the previous week saw quality reds being caught out wide in the deeper water. That would suggest that they should again fire up again now that the moon has waned.

Apparently there were spanos jumping up north, but refusing to take a bait, but I would expect that will change too this week. I've been chasing whiting and have caught some absolute rippers, but not in any numbers. My best has been a whopper of 36cm. Maybe I've been hunting in the wrong places, so if you have any good spots up your sleeve, I'd be checking them out. Barra continue to turn up in the city reach of the Fitzroy River on lures, despite the water being pretty cold. Best time is around the quarter moon tides toward the middle of the day when the surface temperature warms up a degree or so. Don't be afraid to use a fairly large lure with a strong slow action. Keep your retrieve very slow and have patience. Work a spot for a at least 20 minutes before you move, as they often take a bit of persuading to get to strike.

The only really surprising bright spot over the full moon were the mud crabs down the river. Some corkers have been caught despite there not being a letter "r" in August. Must be something to do with the floods this year I reckon. They are likely to be a bit harder to find on the smaller tides, but still worth a shot. Finally the schools of yorkie herring entered the Rosslyn Bay Harbour last weekend, so I now have my bait supply for the next 12 months in the freezer. There appeared to be a fish kill happening though, as the bottom seemed to be covered with dead yorkies. The smell wasn't great. I haven't been back over this week to see if it got any worse. Bit concerning, as I've never seen it happen in the harbour before and you'd have to think it is due to some sort of unnatural impact.

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