Weekly Report 1 Sep 11

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Weekly Report 1 Sep 11

Post by Brad » Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:39 pm

BlankHowdy all from Stanage and Surrounding Islands
The fishing on the reef and islands has been less than ordinary, however, Barry, Jill and Vince all said whilst the quantity wasn't per usual, the fish size was far more superior. Some of the locals and imported locals who fish our area on a regular basis still managed to catch good fish. The usual, but in smaller quantities, were still caught on the outside. Meanwhile the inside waters shone with huge bream, salmon, grunter and around pier head and the back end of Quail Island nice catches of jew fish and parrot were reported. No one has weighed in anything and only one lonely pic came in via email. So come one fellas pic your game up, weren't you taught to share? A mate Pete, who manages one of the islands and fishes off his yacht sent me in a pic of the mackerel caught off the boat.

The Crabs are still very slow and basically its still the challenge to catch them at this time of year up here. The Road, yep we have had good rain and the creeks were rising to cross the road, I found the road good with only a couple of problem areas, which have yellow and black striped signage on them - simply stop! before going across the drain. In saying that though, some beg to differ in my opinion - my neighbour and her friend, said how horrible the road is, sorry i can not agree with them, but i have been coming here, driving the road weekly on and off since the '81, remember the consiquences, of a sealed road.....the unique excitement of the unknown gone, more people good n-bad, rich n poor, more authorities. Does another place in Qld really need this, why not try and keep a little bit of our history alive, full of fun and be able to still have a piece of N.T. without lots of crocs, where you can still swim and fish off the banks without fear, whithin a days drive of Brissy.

Vons Verse for Thought: keep us, (who spread so much of our time and knowledge on visitors),locals here by, purchasing your bait and ice and fuel in the township. Its not an easy task staying alive with only 49 locals, man, woman and child as your sole customers. We may seem like we live at woop woop, but our prices are like the city. Bettya, Bait on the net can't deliver to Stanage Bay nor beat Stanage Bay Australian bait prices. Last week a friend counted 56 trailers at the ramp, of all shapes and sizes, and no bait was purchased that day nor the prior day from either Stanage shops?? please do not use our undersize fish, nor shoot local quiet roos, for bait. Please, Please remember we have one ramp and it is TWO LANES, the parking is angle beside the roadway not on the road way prior to the ramp, its far easier and quicker for new comers who are parking the trailer to do a uie near the electricity pole, then, reverse on an angle, with the car bonnet facing the boat ramp, its far more efficient for you and all when you are ready to load up off the boat ramp, after a days fishing or crabbing. no dramas. Oops! goes to Jayboy who somehow sunk his vehicle at Arthur point?? the mind bogles Jace.

Til next time hopefully your line will be wet and rods bent cheers, Von from Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation
annie 036.JPG
Pete with a great mackerel

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