Weekly Report 19 Sep 11

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Weekly Report 19 Sep 11

Post by Brad » Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:29 am

Back on deck again after a couple of weeks in New Zealand playing in the snow. Apparently I didn't miss too much here on the fishing front - ordinary weather I hear. But things are looking up as Spring really kicks in. The forecast for the first week of the school holidays couldn't be better. So where do you go to catch a fish? $64,000 dollar question. I can tell you where not to go based on recent experience though. The water temperature around the Keppel Islands is still around just 20 degrees. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't catch a fish to save myself. I couldn't loose a prawn on the reefs and trolling produced zip. My experience is that until the water gets above about 22 degrees, it's hard going. You need to head out wide and fish water more than about 25 metres deep this time of year, or go up north and chase pelagics.

Good news is that the calm weather has seen the water along the coast clear up and some Doggie mackerel have appeared close inshore. There are bait schools working the beach north of Yeppoon, so try Bangalee early morning and late afternoon. The water in the estuaries warms up much quicker, so they should produce a few fish over the holidays. I struggled to catch feed though this last weekend walking the creek at low tide, but there are still a few good flathead lies working the incoming tide around, so that might be the secret. Barra in the Fitzroy continue to be the local talking point. Seems everyone who knows how to cast a lure is catching a fish in the city reach. This week is Rocky Barra Bounty week, so except to have plenty of competition if you are out on the river.

Bit of a worry about the diseased fish in the Gladstone area. And they want to build coal terminals at the mouth of the Fitzroy River - if you value the future of our great river, I suggest you get involved in this and try to get it stopped before it starts. One of the associated problems with the Gladstone contamination is that the commercial netters who would otherwise work that are, will undoubtedly turn up and hit the Fitzroy Rive along with the other forty operators from all points of the compass. We should be using the recent good recruitment to boost stocks, not see it as an opportunity to cash in and take as much as possible. But sadly that's the current approach to fisheries management in this "smart state". Yeah right!

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Re: Weekly Report 19 Sep 11

Post by liam » Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:22 pm

If you are woried about the fish around gladstone check out the fishing world sight Bloody scary and whats worse Xstrata coal want to build a new coal loader at the mouth of the Fitzroy. I will be standing up screaming till blue in the face about that one so lets all have a winge and look after our beautiful area.

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