Weekly Report 13 Oct 11

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Weekly Report 13 Oct 11

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:25 am

I mentioned last week about the appearance of the algae bloom. Well it's here with a vengeance now. The smell at my joint is not the best and it hasn't really started decaying yet - can't wait for that. News from inshore is that some top quality whiting have appeared around the place. I'm not going to divulge exactly where for obvious reasons, but if you try the better known spots, you should find a few. There are also some good flathead amongst them as well. The weather has certainly turned into summery conditions, so the water temps offshore will start to rise fairly quickly now. That will see fishing around the Keppels kick back in, with trout and assorted reefies coming on the chew.

The Fitzroy River continues to fire for barra and every day there are boats working the city reaches. Most fish are still undersized, but there are enough of legal size to make a bit of persistence worthwhile. If you know barra spots outside the river, you will find they are well stocked with barra too at the moment. But there are only a couple more weeks left to take one home, as the season closes on 1 November for three months as usual. I haven't heard any reports from the good old Causeway Lake, but you'd have to think live baiting the runthroughs this time of year would turn up a few fish.

Finally it's coming into grunter season up north. Work what's left of therubble grounds after all the trawling this year, and of course after dark is the best time if the northerlies don't blow you off the water.

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