Weekly Report 16 Dec 11

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Weekly Report 16 Dec 11

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:38 pm

Back on deck again after an absence doing other stuff, including thee weeks fishing the McArthur River area in the NT. Nice place to visit, but won't be rushing back. It's very heavily fished and you have to travel huge distances to find fish - we did 1284 kms on the water during the 2 weeks fishing! And there are more barra around here at the moment than in that NT system, just more larger fish up there when you find them because it's closed to netting.

Anyway, back to what's happening around here. It's blowing its ring out at the moment and looks like hanging around well into the pre Christmas, week. Offshore is out of the question, so it's back into the creeks. Corio Bay has been fishing fairly consistently, with little barra annoying the flathead trollers would you believe? There has been a small fresh flush down Waterpark Creek, so you crabbers just might get a feed for Christmas afterall. Same goes for Coorooman Creek.

Speaking of Coorooman, there will be standing room only I suggest in the system, but if you are really keen and prepared to fish after dark, you should get a few grunter in the holes and the odd fingermark on live herring. We're back to quarter moon tides, so no Causeway run-throughs for a week. There is probably a week's grace on the Fitzroy before a bit of water comes down from the Dawson River. That might actually improve the King fishing prospects down past Gavial Creek though. Worth a try on the couple of hours around the top of the tide if you can locate very fresh or live prawns. The beaches and headlands are blown out and the water has murked up as expected anyway. Watching the 20Twenty might be the go for a while?

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