Weekly Report 21 Dec 11

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Weekly Report 21 Dec 11

Post by Brad » Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:13 am

Season's greetings to all you long suffering readers.

The window of opportunity to get out lasted just under a day. But those who did go offshore came home with fillets for Christmas. The Keppels gave up some nice grassys, trout and assorted other reefies. Looking at the chart though, that's going to be it for a while now. The monsoon trough is sinking lower and a cyclone is tipped to form well out in the Coral Sea setting up a strong ridge along the east coast - that means 25-30 knot winds. So enjoy a relatively cooler Christmas than normal with the relies and worry about fishing after Boxing Day.

If the winds do drop before new year, definitely head offshore. The reefies will be hungry and there should be decent spanos hanging around places like Cape Manifold and Lisa Jane. Keep an eye out for a big cobia sniffing around your outboard too this time of year. If you hunt around the estuaries, you will get a feed of mixed fish - bream, whiting and grunter. I heard a whisper that there are some nice dart on the beaches up north, soa trip to 5 Rocks wouldn't be a bad option. But if you absolutely have to get your fishing fix around Christmas, get some livies and hit the Causeway run-throughs on the big morning dark moon tides. Someone always seems to jag a jack and trevally this time of year in the foam.

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