Weekly Report 24 Feb 12

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Weekly Report 24 Feb 12

Post by Brad » Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:21 pm

BlankHowdy all fishers from Stanage
The Estuary: Slow catches of full muddies this week. Give it a couple of weeks and the game will be on again. There are still nice catches of Jew fish and grunter being reported, and a couple of fingermark and one lonely mangrove Jack. In reality no one local fishes the sound and its only if the fellas with small boats come into town go up the sound fishing, usually they target a special species and have their "secret spot" for that species.

The Road: Alls good with the road, just a few pot holes on Couti Outie and Torilla Plains. Slow down for Boundary Lagoon cross over, its bumpy. There is a drain forming just past halfway creek , one between Waratah and Couti, and another one just before the army turnoff. In saying all that, the council have been up here working on the road before the rain is due to hit us, and since i have not personally been over the road for a week, I am not sure if alls like a highway, like it was.

The Reef and Islands: Good undersize catches of Red Emperor at Two Round Rocks, The Hexam Group of Islands produced an excellant mixture of reefies, but mostly sweeties. The Sharks have been everywhere mentionable, so good luck when you come up, You know they only target the best, so be ready to pull in lots of good size red emperor heads or red jew heads, cause thats their favourite after turtles, which incidently should have stopped hatching by march up here. Then get ready for the onslaught of whales which is always interesting with our fish. We have made particular notice of the drop in reef fish caught over the years when the whales,the navy and airforce are visiting our waterways, along with the coral spaun. Maybe coincidence ?? Like when its dead smooth / calm / mill pond weather we never seem to do as well as when there is a chop on the water, or bottom fishing when w is in the direction the wind is coming from. What do you think?
Ok Guys n Gals til next time
Make time to Go Fishing
Cheers, Von Ireland

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