Weekly Report 2 Mar 12

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Weekly Report 2 Mar 12

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:18 am

Howdy all fishers from Stanage Bay and Surrounding areas

The Road: The Bay end of the road had the most rain this week, however none of it closed like I was worried about.

The Thirsty Sound: The boys tell me they have been doing really well using squid on the grunter, live mullet on the barra and roo for the muddies. Everyone seems happy.

The Coral Sea: Trout has been on the move and the lads have been more than happy with their catches. with the wind moving from the n.e. to s.e. it can only be good for fishing up this way, so long as it stays at the predicted 10 - 15knots, time will tell.

Accommodation: there are still a lot of spots vacant for 2012 but not for long, so dont miss out this year in some fishing creature comfort at the last of the true fishermans frontier.

Bait & Ice & Fuel: Please dont bring it, the local businesses here need you, to keep us, helping you, now and in the future. We are not Thieves, our prices are good !until next time, keep those lines wet whilst having beers n cheers
Von Ireland, Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation
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