Weeky Report 24 Mar 12

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Weeky Report 24 Mar 12

Post by Brad » Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:22 pm

Blankhowdy all fishers and crabbers from Stanage Bay!

The Estuary has been on fire with Barra coming in all shapes n sizes. Trolling is the most popular up here with Richo Lures however the boys with enough energy to get themselves some live mullet seem to be in with the action also. Grunter and Fingermark are still up there in the creeks also, along with the normal bream and cod. The road; yep its over, at least 4 creeks that i know off up until yesterday was 2m over and rising and graziers I rang on the road we not expecting them to fall until Sunday, so if you brave the conditions have fun, we locals love it. To still be able to find a road with all the challenges on it so close to the capital cities is just heaven to those of us who still like to be adventurous and fun loving . Just remember safety comes first, keep handy: repellent, barra rod n reel n soft plastics, simple tucker n drinks, simple o/n camping gear.....just in case. In saying all this, check with authorities and try not to abuse or wreck the road. (some graziers think by using the road wet it destroys it so they cant use it comfortably).

The Island and Reef: im not sure, i can only imagine they have had enough spell and should be ripe for the picking. Renting: I have had a couple more cancellations so if you need a last minute place to have a good fishing trip to remember when you are 80, ring me. until next time, keep safe and take time to go fishing, cheers Von
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