Weekly Report 1 May 12

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Weekly Report 1 May 12

Post by Brad » Tue May 01, 2012 11:44 am

Howdy All Fishers for Stanage Bay and the surrounding islands Wow what a couple of weeks. Finally the bigger boats are back in Stanage, the weather came good, then mother nature turned on the big fan again. Anyway, in between the good n bad weather good catches came in off the reef and islands at last...what a rest its had. I have seen loads of pics and have been promised emails with the pics attached, so come on fellas asap please. I have a few on my tackle shop camera, thus the card reader died so you will all have to be patient to see the good catches.....mackerel, red throat, red emperor, red jew, large and small mouth, sweet lip, coral and coastal trout..well you name it...it was all on fire, believe me, so just hold ten for the proof in the pics. ok.

The estuary turned on the jewfish, grunter, salmon, fingermark and the usual cod, bream, flathead and the beaches gave up the whiting for the patient fishers. Yep the muddies are still on and for the bigger crab you cant beat long island. The water is a bit chilly in the creeks now for barra, so maybe you will have to hit the headlands. The road is ace with a few pot holes and drains but nothing to be too concerned about, just drive to the conditions as per usual, and enjoy the landscape and wildlife...NO SHOOTING...NO PIG DOGS ! keep your rubbish in you vehicle until you get to the Stanage Dump...Please always use the general dump for domestic consumable rubbish, the FISH DUMP! ONLY FOR FISH and the Steel dump only for Steel. please guys, dont be lazy or the government will shut it, will charge a fee and put hours on it , like most other refuse tips around Australia.Visitors and Campers please abide by the local rules...keep the place clean and tidy...we are a small comunity and if you would like to keep it the way it is, we all must stick by the Stanage Bay Comonsense rules: Respect for each other, honesty and cleanliness and mostly dont destroy what we all enjoy...freedom.

Remember our local Coastguard needs a donation before you leave, so too the township for the rescue chopper pad and first aid room, either leave a donation here with me and i will receipt it or leave one with the store /servo /pub. The boat ramp, the little boat owners being the silliest we find up here: one tidal ramp ( 3.5 hours before high and 3.5 hours after high- get on it and off it a.s.a.p. USE YOUR BRAINS! get your boat sorted BEFORE you get on the ramp, please - - TWO LANES !! the parking is on the flat before the hill to the ramp, reverse parallel OFF the side of the road. its only dirt and not marked, but its simple if you care to think first...others need to use the road, others need room to park, we dont need ramp rage up here. THINK OF OTHERS FIRST - YOURSELF LAST.

If you need any accommodation, short or long term, or any bait, ice, tackle , books or charts what we use in this area, and so you dont waste your well earned money or carry extra unneccessary weight on your trip up or would like secure boat, caravan or vehicle storage, just see Von or Tony at the TACKLE SHOP IN THE BOAT YARD, we are not expensive, the bait is fresh, the tackle is what works up here, the charts and books are always available, the information is good and the service is always friendly. Do the right thing SHOP LOCALLY FOR YOUR BAIT AND TACKLE AND ICE. Rocky tackle shops dont have a clue about Stanage apart from what they hear..the tides are different around Rocky to here- the fishing different to here, so safe you money, save your time and get it all up here.need info simply send an email to Von, stanagebaymarine@bigpond.com or phone me 49373145.
until next time,
Take time to go fishing, and cheers with beers,
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