Weekly Report 26 Sep 12

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Weekly Report 26 Sep 12

Post by Brad » Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:29 pm

Howdy all fishers from Stanage
The road in is good, the crabs are slow, the usual estuary fish are biting well if you use berley and the jewfish is coming on. Outside the spannos are still taking the lures, rigged gar and ribbonfish, some come on get into them. The bottom fish are there but are for some reason not taking the baits real well ? You can see them on the sounder and whats coming in the boat is real quality. The Whales well say no more....no body told them the rules to stay away from our boats, they are getting
quietly dangerous level, just like the sharks.

Remember buy local and keep us here to help you when you need it, keep your rubbish where it belongs, which isnt on the road, ramp, water,accom or park. Be kind to the enviroment and it will be kind to you. Tony and I are off on our annual trip somewhere yonder just so we can keep happy and smiling for the onslaught of queries from you guys in the next twelve months. Keep happy and take time to go fishing,
Cheers Von
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