Weekly Report 30 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 30 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:39 pm

Well over the last couple of weeks the weather has played the game producing a few good days to get the big boats out. I’ve been frustrated driving to work this week, seeing the line-up of boats at the servo fuelling up, thinking to myself I need to find a better job where I can drop everything and go fishing when the weather turns it on. The forecast for the weekend looks promising as well so I might be able to get the boat wet and get some fish. The fish of choice this week is definitely grunter, taking baits at all the usual spot. Cooroomen Creek and Corio bay have been producing grunter, although they are smaller specimens but some of the open water spots like the pinnacles, cape cap and around the wrecks like the Rama have all produced some good sized sea grunter. I haven’t heard any report from Port Alma but I would say if they are being caught at these spots they would be in the port as well, it just I haven’t heard about it yet.

Another fish that is being caught in big numbers at the moment are cobia. Some decent sized cobia are being caught behind the Keppel’s at Man and Wife and Outer Rock, also north at the pinnacles and around Flat. Some smaller fish have even made it in close with reports of cobia being caught at Ironpot. The cobia have been taking peoples floated pillies and small livies that they have had out the back trying to catch mackerel. Reports from the islands have been the usual. With water temps on the rise, most people are coming home with a mixed bag of pan sized reefies, normally with a nice spread of sweetlip, tuskies, stipey and hussar. Throw in a couple of nice trout or a mackeral or two and a day at the islands can produce a nice esky of fish to take home. Some good sized trout are still being caught around the islands up in the shallows. As we move further into summer, a lot of these reefies will move into the shallower waters around the islands, seeing the people around the islands in smaller boats that can’t make it way offshore producing better catches. Around Christmas we normally see a run of Spaniards in Keppel bay so keep an eye out for these in the coming month.

Also, don’t give up on the Fitzroy River while barra seasons closed. The river is producing some good Salmon and even some good flathead right up close to the city. Also around port alma try targeting any rocky structure and you should find some decent fingermark or possible a jack. Also last week I had some of my family go up to Stanage bay for a few days fishing the sound. They go cleaned up by hammerhead sharks on most drops. They got a few to the boat but also got smoked by a few so there must be some big sharks patrolling in the sound at the moment. Some of the locals said that hammerheads use the sound as breeding grounds and are a common catch this time of year, especially around the mouth of the sound. Also a few crocodiles were sighted up the creeks around Stanage with a lot of juveniles spotted in the creeks on quail island and some of the pots were crushed and broken so there must be a big mother croc living in there as well. There must be a nest in the region to have that many little crocs in the one area so keep an eye out if you’re up that way.

Any way if you have any pictures you would like to share or any reports you would like to tell me about email them through to me.
Best of luck on the water.

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