Weekly Report 11 Jan 13

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Weekly Report 11 Jan 13

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:09 pm

Cobia, Cobia and more Cobia..... Cobia have been caught in numbers and most offshore spots now for the last 2-3 months and they don't seem to be thinning out in numbers yet. Most people I speak with that venture out to the island or wider seem to be coming across these guys. Reports of Cobia being caught up north around Flat, around the pinnacles and some of the northern wrecks, around the islands (especially around the outer spots like outer rock, man and wife, barron, greasy ally etc), and also in the southern end of the bay around cape cap, liza jane etc. There has also been reports of cobia around ironpot and flinders in close to shore as well. These cobia don't seem to fussy having a go at floated pillies, livies, soft plastics and jigs and even some larger flesh baits that people are bottom bashing. You name it and the cobia in the bay at the moment will have a go at it.

On a recent trip out, with every fish we pulled in, large cobia would seem to be following them up from the depths all the way to the boat having a look. We managed to jag a couple of decent sized fish that hit some unweighted pillies that we had drifting out the back for macs. We also had a few fish hit on the way to the surface by some curious cobia (one at the back of the boat). so if your looking for a feed, cobia is one the menu at the moment. If bled well and bled straight away they are pretty good on the chew as well.

During December there was a good run of spanos in the bay as well with all of the usual places producing good fish. they seemed to be thick in numbers in the week leading into Christmas with numbers thinning out after chrissy leading into new years. A lot of people reported bagging out on spanos in the week leading into chrissy with all fish over the meter mark. so i bet there was a lot of family's eating fresh fish for Chrissy. The schools of juvenile black marlin have seemed to have thinned out and moved on from around the keppels. Hopefully the will return again at the end of this year.

Offshore has seen consistent catches of the usual mixed reef. Some people I have spoken to have said that its been a bit slow fishing out wide at the moment with the reds being easily spooked and soft mouthed. They have said that they have had to work hard to snag a red but the reds coming on board have been quality, but the quantity has not been there. Most boats have still returned home with a good bag of mixed reef with a couple of good reds to top it off. Some good sized trout have also been pulled of the reefs lately. While the water is warm they seem to push right up into the shallows meaning that the guys with a smaller boat get a chance at catching some decent sized trout around the keppels. places like outer rock, man and wife, bald rock and barron, all produce good trout over the warmer months, while closes spots like conicle, pumkin passage, humpy, 40 acre paddock can all produce a good fish, especially while the water temp is up.

Also, when the trout push up the tusk fish or parrot as a lot of people call them push right up into the shallow waters around the islands. quite often around the time of year you come home with a bag of parrot and some good trout, plus the usual mixed reef of stripey, moses and hussar. I love tuskies on the chew and there blue bones make it easy when filleting to find any small bones that you might miss. The tusk fish that is most commonly caught around the keppels are the pink, venus tusk fish. tuskies or parrot are also one of the prettiest reef fish around as well. A spot worth a look around the kepples is bald rock on the eastern side of great keppel. Bald rock has some fringing reef and a deeper hole of the eastern point.

It has some excellent reef and as it is on the windward side, it is quite exposed and doesn't get overfished. Bald rock often produced some quality fish. I have caught everything from trout and parrot through to spanos, doggies, tuna and queenies (also some grey suits as well).some people have even pulled legal red emperor from the deeper water off the tip of the rock. And, if the fishing gets boring chuck on the fins and a mask and have a look at the life under the water as its a quality reef with some large bommies and once of keppel bays top dive locations.

The causeway has been producing some quality Mangrove jack of the last couple of months, so it might be worth a look if its to windy to get offshore. take down a cast net and catch some livies and test your lucky. the jacks seem to be in there in numbers and the heat seems to be stirring them up. it seems that any bit of structure that looks like it may hold a jack seem to have one at the moment. so if you have a kayak or a small boat, it worth a shot during the warmer month. The Fitzroy also appears to be fishing quite well at the moment as well, with good sized salmon and fingermark being taken. Please remember that barra season is still closed until the start of Feb so you can't catch or target to catch barra at the moment.

I saw in the news a guy around brissy caught a barra and kept it and bragged through the papers, and when told that it was illegal and he will get a fine his reply was that they could stick their fine. Just because catching a barra isn't as common around those parts doesn't mean the law doesn't apply to you and I hope he get the fine he deserves. I also saw xxxx island posting pics of some of their guests with undersized grassy sweetlip and it has caused a bit of a facebook uproar. So hopefully the fishos look into that as well, as we have these laws for a reason. Just after new years I went camping and fishing up at Stanage Bay. My family has been going up there for years as we used to have a hut up there in the good old hut days around on Alligator bay. For years we have camped around on the beach, but the locals have pretty much chased everyone off from camping on the beach front now with the fire ban. To me its not camping unless you have a camp fire (just my opinion).

So, this trip we decided to camp around at the plum tree camp grounds. When we arrived we had a look around and were disgusted with how grubby campers had left this camping area. The site has a long drop toilet but campers had decided to do their business on the beach area out the front of the grounds and in the scrub and not dig a hole or even cover it. There was toilet paper and people waste right out there in the open. We were disgusted and went and camped around on porters creek. Even around on the creek there was rubbish and wasted dumped everywhere in the scrub and we struggled to find a spot that wasn't littered with rubbish. looks like some of the people camping up over new years just decided to leave all of there rubbish where they camped.

We even found an old 3x3 gaezbo, chucked into the trees. looks like it lasted one good gust of wind and a pole broke so people just dumped it in the scrub. we spoke with Von at the bait shop and she said that she was outraged with how poorly people had treated the camping facilities up there over the last year. She mentioned that people and caravans had been dumping there waste buckets out into the scrub and washing them out into the fresh water dam up there. This had caused an E.Coli bacteria outbreak in the dam. Stanage is to far for the council to go and care for the camping facilities and most of the locals or elderly retirees so that means that the camping area is maintained by a few volunteers.

PLEASE... if you are camping up there, please do the right thing. there is a dump up there so take your rubbish and dump it at the dump. Use the long drop toilets, or if you can't please dig a hole and bury your waste as we don't want to see it or stand in it. If we don't do the right thing the council will ban camping and everyone loses then. Overall i was disappointed with my last trip to stanage. I have been going there since i was a babyand my family has been going there for even longer. Normally I plan my next trip the moment I leave and count down the days till i get back up there but for the first time i am not in any rush to return as my fishing and get away paradise has now been ruined by a minority of people that are too lazy to do the right thing. Also to make it worse the fishing and crabbing was poor the week I was there as well which further added to my frustration. Perhaps i need to find a new fishing frontier as the tourist have now found stanage.
Best of luck on the water

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