Weekly Report 30 Jan 13

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Weekly Report 30 Jan 13

Post by Brad » Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:10 pm

BlankHowdy all Fishers and Crabbers from Stanage Bay, Shoalwater Bay and Surrounding Islands.
The Road: From The Highway: All the creeks toward tilpal have been up and over slightly, however Tilpal Creek was over the Bridge by 3mtrs by the reports given to
me, Block Creek and Halfway Creeks were / are over too high cross saftely. The cattle property " 'Torilla Plains" with the creek Wadallah Creek", with incidently is fed by two salt water sides to the east Rasberry and Oyster creeks in ShoalwaterBay and to the west Jardine creek in the Herbert which is topped up with fresh when the rain tumbles. So to the wise ones who say our creeks crossing the Stanage Bay Road are not in anyway shape or form influenced by the tides or sea, you have no idea, yes they are. Im not saying tidal, however in the larger tides in the wet season, they can have side effects from the salt as well as fresh.

The Crabbing: Everytime we have a low pressure system in this area the muddies seem to disappear....do they burry or do they go to the deep or go to the sea or are they breeding....your call, they will be back. From previous years of crabbing for a living, when we have a big wet, if your pots are johnny on the spot, if the rain and
tides dont move them out to sea, then they will have muddies in them. You must have good pots, lots of good fresh bait to keep the muddies in the pots or else they will chew their way out and kill each other to survive. Call in and see me before you head out and get the bait and pots the pros' use up here.

The Reef: Who is going fishing in this weather ? no one I know. But before this bad weather turned up not many big boats were even in town, so there is no bragging
pics or bragging news. hopefully next week. In saying that We took The Black Diamond for a couple of short sea fishing trials with a couple of mates, and yes the going was tough where we went, others did well, but our boys did manage to get a feed or two in Red Emperor, Red Jew, Sweetlip, Coral Trout, Stripies, hussa and cod. They were all happy, but I have a big gripe to the lads "WHERE are the PICS YOU PROMISED" dont grobble to me to get the skip to take you fishing next time boys, youre on your own. My mate on JC who I know caught good fish and always gets good pics, any chance in sharing your pics with me....no wonder i dont like facebook....Im sure anyone interested in the pics from out of Stanage will find them on facebook or twitter.

Thirsty Sound - Broadsound Estuary: There has been only a few fishing up there and no one sharing that catch pics. Over xmas there was a lot of Jewfish caught and a
few catch n release Barra. Because of the nice sized tides and rainfall we have had the barra if not already gone into the fresh, will be milling at the creek mouths ready to move up to spawn. Thanks Dylan, Reagan and Dan Cawte for bring in a nice feed of coral trout for my family and allowing me to take on pic to share with my
readers. With loads of accommodation available for 2012 including FE BARRA RY (febarrary - february), there is no excuses for not mixing it up here with us locals. The Villa Visitors who caught some nice fish who promised me pics....yes Mel and family...I mean you....did you forget ?

Bring your Manners and Please Take the time to do an emu parade before you leave Stanage. Three Free 24 hour 7 days open Dumps....Fish dump....Steel dump and
General Dump... please use the dump applicable to your rubbish....Only coastguard recycles Alloy Cans....only cans please, each place provides for cans. Our Local Coastguard does a fantastic job, Alf and Billy Nord are on the VHF radio channel 81 if they can not be here one of us girls or Nev takes over usually, and it it on from 6.30am to 9.30pm, so keep your alloy cans and dig deep into you pockets for a donation, buy a raffel ticket or even join up as a supporting member....keep our coastguard operating at 100%....for those that dont know of or about our little coastguard, We are known as Thirsty Sound Coastguard QF24. We provide and maintain the VHF radio and repeater network for the benefit of boaters. To do this it costs a load of $$$ and community volunteer efforts. We monitor VHF channel 81, and ship to shore 79, emergency 16 (24hrs only channel 16,emercency only). We are such a small community with a big heart, to be able to keep this afloat, we need the financial help from all visitors.

Our Thirsty Sound / Stanage Bay Coastguard has a block of land beside Plumtree Boatramp, on this block of land is an airconditioned Radio Dwelling, which is manned by visiting Coastguard Commodores from our squadron. We mainly are completely independant of any other coastguards although our squadran is made up of Yeppoon, Kepple Sands and Rockhampton and Thirsty Sound, our vessel training is done within the squadron. Our first Aid training is always up to date and the other Squadron leaders come up to make sure our credentials are always up to date with the outside world.
Until next time
Take Time to Go Fishing, keeping your lines wet on your bent rod,
Cheers in Beers
Von Anne Ireland

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