Weekly Report 8 Mar 13

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Weekly Report 8 Mar 13

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:47 pm

Well who wants the rain ? we all do in small quantities dont we, however thats not what we got once again this year. All up I think we had over a metre in the last month, so the fresh is pouring through the estuary / thirsty sound. The monster muddies have had to move out and find some sea water, cooler water, clearer water, salty water and water with lots of oxygen. Where do they go from up the mudflats and top of the creeks is anyones guess, but you could try the mouths of the creeks and flats near Quail Island. The wind has been very unkind to all fishers wanting to fish the reef and islands and the brown running fresh has made it hard for the barra fishers in the estuary.

In all this though we have two oops reports to make you laugh or maybe cry. The lads visiting from Mackay staying in Pacific Villa got very adventurous travelling to the lucy ravels on the northern side of quail island...unfortunately skipper Pete forgot to fuel the boat, the two deckies Duncan and Brian, learnt just how hard it is to circumnavigate the island with no footwear to get help from the caretaker. Well done fellas, but next time buy a VHF radio to go with your fuel, for a lousy $220 from my little tackle shop, thats all a quality VHF costs, we could have delivered the fuel you needed to go fishing. The second oops - partly my fault for listening to the property owners - apparently there was to be a window opening on the flooded road - unfortunately the heavens opened a day earlier than expected and the creeks once again flowed high and fast.

The sad part was Pete and crew from Brisbane drove up for the fishing trip of a decade to Stanage. They had booked into the Pacific Oasis, however, just made do with a trip on the Stanage Bay road, and caught barra at Tilpal Creek. I thought I had it sussed out the and booked the fellas into St.Lawrence Pub until the creeks on the Stanage Bay road dropped for the boys to come in. Unfortunately, St Lawrence wasnt what I had hoped to settle them down for a weeks fishing and crabbing, so they drove back to Brisbane without even seeing Stanage let alone fish or crab it. The first major crossing from the highway is Tilpal Creek and I was told it was up to 2.8mtrs over. The road is passable now and Stanage Bay once again is open for business, no doubt it will be very busy in the morning Friday 8th March with visitors and locals alike making it back to their homes or to Rocky for supplies.
Until next time, take the time to go fishing,
Von Ireland
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Re: Weekly Report 8 Mar 13

Post by hotdogdogau1 » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:09 pm

G`day Brad. Many thanks for your reports on Stanage. I am interested in the PRAWNING aspect of your area. We are used throwing a cast net from a 4 mt Quinnie with a 25 hp Merc. We are used to prawning in the Whitsundays but now would like to know about prawning in St lawrence, Stanage , Ogmore and Clairview area`s. Are there prawns in these area`s?, if so, what kind are they and are they in the estuaries or ocean??. Many thanks ,John.

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