Weekly Report 10 Apr 13

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Weekly Report 10 Apr 13

Post by Brad » Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:44 pm

Blankhowdy all boaties and fishers
The road in is pretty awesome, although I personally have'nt travelled it since the easter crews were in and out. I am just repeating what has come over the counter to me. The council have been doing a good job on it, well dont John and boys. The Estuary: its been fishing in places quite well at certain times of the tide only. The Barra have been kind hitting in the creeks in the sound on the mainland along with the grunter. The Reef: as my pics show, it was simply too good, however it didnt take long for the big blow to turn up. We had a nice relaxing two day out and over nite stay in the black diamond. It was just a " time out " trip, after easter for us both with Tonys dad in tow. Lucky Pap came, so at least some fish was brought home for the table. Me, well sad to say I didnt even fish, just enjoyed the time off watching the world go round and read the last chapters of my Bryce Courtney Novel.." The Potato Factory", I hope it becomes a movie one day, its a good read like all of Bryces books.
Enjoy the couple of pics, sorry, I was too darn lazy to even take pics for you.
Until next time, Cheers with Beers
Take the time to enjoy the real world of boating Von Ann Ireland
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