Weekly Report 23 Jan 14

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Weekly Report 23 Jan 14

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:55 am

BlankHowdy all fishers from Stanage and the surrounding islands. Firstly may 2014 prove to be a wonderful happy adventure for you all and treat others they way you want to be treated.

The Road: At the moment its good with a few pot holes to slow down for as soon as you hit the torilla grid for the next 5km. A couple of huge pot holes here and there the rest of the way in, which if you a only traveling at 70km you wont have an issue.

The Estuary: Catch n Release Barra a still be caught in the creeks at Long Island along with the muddies. Fingermark in their schools are still frequenting the snags and the good experienced fingermark fishers are still hooking them. The grunter are a bit quiet at the moment and the odd jewfish are still being pulled in and released. There is no one in Stanage but the locals at the moment...who only mud crab and hardly ever estuary fish, if they do its usually just to take visitors and family to catch a fish.

The Islands and Reef: Only a couple of boats have gone out, however good mixed catches of the usual grassy sweeties, red emperor, coral trout and red jew have been
pulled in......not weighed in....and certainly no pics are allowed nowdays to be taken to be shared. Thank you all visitors who share their pics with us all ...please keep them coming.

The Rentals: If you want to come up for the barra and crab season there are still plenty for spaces for you in Pacific Oasis and Pacific Villa.....which are constantly changing for the better for the fishermen to enjoy their stress free holiday trip . Vons new saying " Leave your stress at home......life is always good....but sometimes its better" Go Boating !
Until Next time,
Be Good, Good at it and Keep your Rods Bentand wet,See You Soon
Von Ireland (miss, yes fellas i am a chic)
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