Weekly Report 23 Jan 14

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Weekly Report 23 Jan 14

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:15 pm

Hello all and welcome to another glorious and beautiful week of weather. Last week seen fairly strong blows come through, which restricted the lucky enough ones who were not working to the local estuaries. But then came the beautiful weekend! Saturday seen a NE average of 10 knots while Sunday dropped out to an average E of 6Knts. While the boats took the opportunity to head out wide a lot of smaller guys decided to hit the filled local systems. I have had good reports of BIG grunter being caught on live prawns. The best rig for fishing most predator fish i.e. Finger mark, Salmon and barra etc is a running ball sinker behind a swivel on 20-40lb mono leader with a 4/0 long shank eagle claw.

This rig with a live prawn hooked through the tail just below the blood line is a universal setup to catch just about anything. This rig gives the prawn a chance to flick around as it would in their normal environment giving you a much better chance of catching a predator fish rather than a catfish. Don’t be hesitant to cast in to the run as most fish sit on structure waiting for their meal to drift by. I catch a lot of salmon this way especially threadfin which always seem to congregate in eddies and creek mouths on the run out tide.

Fitzroy - There are still plenty of salmon about with the occasional barra occurring as a by catch. An excellent spot is green banks just down past the animal pound on quay st with really could catches occurring in the channels by the bank. It is a pretty safe bet to fish from the last hour out and the first few hours in of the tide for best results. There is also a large amount of sharks down here at the moment so be prepared to lose a few rigs in between the good fish. Live herring is going off as well as the big green banana prawns you get from your local supermarket. Another really good spot that is firing is the Nerimbera boat ramp. Please remember the ramp is for launching and respect the boaties pulling in and out.

There is a short track beside the ramp which leads down to an area in front of a rock bar. I have numerous times seen good fish pulled from these rocks whilst boats down the river have had no luck. Please be careful retrieving fish as the mud is very deep and also has sharp rocks just under the surface. Bigger tides last week seen the crabs push up in the creeks and mangroves with good numbers still being caught. Remember to mix your bait up a bit. Fresh cat fish is excellent when mixed with some whole mullet and generally when there not eating one bait, they are on another. This weekend with the smaller tides you will have to keep your pots to the deep water as the crabs move out to the channels.

Coorooman Ck – Really good reports of grunter coming out of Coorooman ck at present. If you can sneak out to cave on a lit night there has been big Jew and big grunter being caught. Remember if you head out there on a high you probably won’t be coming back in till the next high as it gets very difficult to navigate with shallow water on low especially at night! There have been some schools of prawns moving through lately. If you find a school of prawns and manage to collect some, the best bet is also fishing the tide in on the same spot. The fish will always find food, so if you find their food you have found the fish. A lot of people will be fishing here over the long weekend as it is a very family friendly spot. Be patience on the ramp and get ready for a very busy little creek.

Out wide- The bigger tides last weekend seen plenty of movement outside. There have still been good reports of large schools of red Jew around the ferns and excellent sweet lip have been taken at outer rock. If you manage to catch some legal whiting keep the frames as they make absolute superb bait. The heads of whiting are like lollies to the red emperor and always get swallowed even before a well present soft plastic. As many know you can be in the right spot with the wrong bait but I am not sure if whiting can ever be considered the wrong bait outside. Parrot fish have also been around in numbers with good catches also on the reef ground. If you can get live bait with jigs off the reef you will always catch the more quality fish.

Corio- What an absolutely beautiful weekend to fish this magical place. The smaller tides and possibly sunny weather will have everything firing in this creek. The rock walls down from Corbett’s produce good Mangrove jack and quality fingermark. The best is to use somewhat heavier gear with a live mullet or a drop bear squidgy up against the bank. When these fish hit they motor straight for the snags and you need the gear to pull them out before they get there. When the Barra season opens trolling along the rock walls with a mid diving green crystal minnow Yo-Zuri is fantastic.

I have caught many different species but Barra consistently are the ones on the crystal minnows. Prawns have been down in numbers in comparison to what they were a few weeks ago, but this means the fish should be even hunger. As the tides are smaller than average Sandy point will be a hot destination. The best track is along the beach via 4x4 exiting at Bangalee but if a 2wd is the only option, then follow the signs behind ridges out. The road was grated last time I went through but large pot holes are still present. Salmon are consistent out here but large flathead and whiting also make it a good day for the family.

Warm temperatures will be continuing through till next week so take plenty of water a pack a shade if possible. If you would like some photos posted send them through to sustainblefishing@hotmail.com listed with where you caught them and any details you wish to add. Until next time happy fishing!
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