Weekly Report 31 Jan 14

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Weekly Report 31 Jan 14

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 31, 2014 8:56 am

Hello all. I hope every body had a happy and safe Australia day. The wind came in Saturday afternoon with almighty strength. The developing low pressure system along the monsoon trough up north was helping drive this right down the coast line. With the 30+ Knots blowing it is even difficult to find a comfortable spot up the estuaries. However with the beautiful weather we had on Friday and Saturday morning gave most a chance to wet a line which seen some good fish pulled from most spots. Fitzroy- At 12:00pm this Saturday I am sure the banks will be lined with keen fisherman wanting to catch the almighty Barra.

There have been a number of people fishing the banks, catching and keeping good quality Barra. Whilst travelling through the car parks last night I noticed a Fisheries officer scouting the river, and I was more than happy to see this as it does not happen enough. If you are doing the wrong thing you deserve to get caught. If you see any illegal fishing practice please contact fish watch on 1800-017711. Take some time to click the link below and have a read on how many eggs (10 Million) a big female barra spawn every wet season.

http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j ... -Lq8O60IiQ.

It is going to be hard to find a spot this weekend as the forecast is 25+knots right through until at least Monday. To get your fix I would recommend under the old bridge on the north side of the river. If you flick soft plastics from the last couple hours out and the first hour in walking the bank you will be sure to land some fish. For the larger fish you will have to gather some live bait and be patience. If you rig on a big running ball sinker linked behind a good 60 pound trace utilizing a 7/0 Mustard bait holder, thrown close to some structure should do the trick. Big tides this weekend will keep the salmon fired up and just about anywhere along the bank up town are catching both Salmon and shark.

Yeppoon- It is a good idea to stay away from everywhere down here at the moment as the significant large tides combining with the effects from the soon to be cyclone is going to cause very dangerous conditions. All the Yeppoon anglers needing to wet a line it would be recommended to come up to Rocky and catch the hungry biting fish. I apologise for the short report but as the weather is terrible it is a good chance to clean all your gear and service your reels. If you would like some photos posted send them through to sustainblefishing@hotmail.com listed with where you caught them and any details you wish to add. Until next time keep safe and dry!

(Tide times for this week)
http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/tides/p ... ane&days=7
(Moon Phases for this week)
http://moonphases.willyweather.com.au/q ... mpton.html
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