Weekly Report 20 Feb 14

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Weekly Report 20 Feb 14

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:19 am

Firstly I apologise for the missed report last week but as there is still a strong flow in the river and the wind and rain was consist there was really nothing to report. Gave us all a chance to clean and rearrange our gear. Cobia and tuna are around the close island in huge numbers. Conical and Findlay’s have been the hot destination as you do not have to travel very far for excellent quality fish. There were over a dozen boats sitting around Conical on Saturday morning with one boat catching 12 Cobia on lures as quick as they could retrieve and recast. This inpaticular group only keep one fish each as a large fish gives you enough fillets to top the freezer. Tuna are also hot topic with large schools also boiling around the close islands.

There were some really good Spanish caught around Baron and further wide last weekend. The local tackle shops have good supply of frozen bonito and ribbon fish which seem to be the favoured bait at the moment. Remember to change it up a bit though as generally fish change what they will take from one day to the next. If you want a lot of fun through the brightest biggest popper you have around the boils occurring out there daily at the moment, wind as fast as you can and hold on cause if a GT grabs it, it is like nothing you have felt before.

Coorooman – Best spot on the coast to catch a barra right now as there a still plenty of salty yellow tailed specimens coming through here. Ggood Jacks and Grunter are being taken with really good fish reported caught last week out the front. Live mullet was the best rigged on a running ball sinker rig. Richo lures seem to be a favourite for a lot of fish here with Salmon, Jacks, Fingermark, Jew, Flathead and Barra all becoming victims. I troll a shallow Richo behind the boat, while slowly travelling up and down the flats in search of live bait. I have succeeded very well doing this exercise. There is a lot of weed on the bottom at the moment which can be very frustrating but if you explore a bit you will generally find a clear spot.

River – Barra and tarpon are going to be the only fish on the cards at the moment. As the water is dirty try using the darker coloured hard bodies with vibration or surface lures for a bit of a change. Bait is going to be the easiest to catch a decent sized beast. Plenty reports of perch being caught just about everywhere at the moment. Rig them on a float on 80lb trace with a 7/0 hook out of the run and you should have a fair chance of getting yourself a good feed. You have to be very patience though as there is a lot of bait in the river so much you can scoop it straight off the bank. Try a lot of different techniques to entice the fish.

Corio – Very fresh with Water Park still flowing. However it has pushed all the flathead out the front and the head land is the best spot to land one. Believe it or not feather bream is has been very successful. The estuary always has good supply of Barra and Jacks especially with the fresh. This weekend looks good on Saturday with Sunday taking a turn for the worst with the winds. The cobia have still been thick through this week so if you get out Friday or Saturday you should have a good chance.

If you would like some photos posted send them through to sustainblefishing@hotmail.com listed with where you caught them and any details you wish to add. Until next time happy fishing.

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