Weekly Report 28 Mar 14

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Weekly Report 28 Mar 14

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:27 pm

BlankHowdy to all Fishers from Stanage, Thirsty Sound and Lola Montes Passage.
Thats got the new comers to Stanage doing their research, hasnt it. Stanage had awesome rainfall with all rain water tanks full, however we only got 120mm from all the luscious clouds here at Plumtree. The Road: Whilst the properties varied with the rainfall the road never closed. Tilpal only recieved nice grass growing rain of 80 - 100 mm making the creeks flow, but not enough to block the road. Torilla, which is actually about halfway to stanage, not the creek crossing name, had about 150mm, causing Wadallah Creek to rise over 500mm at one stage.

The road yesterday afternoon when we crossed it was quite bad in some places, the roughest being through Banksia, Torilla and Waratah properties, lookout for huge pot holes, washouts and corrigation. I certainly would not recommend towing a caravan over it and suggest caravaners continue their trip north to Camilla Beach for a similar camp area to Stanage. The Thirsty Sound - Our Estuary: Nice Barra are still being hauled in, however not where you usually would like to catch them. If you come in and see me I will tell you when you where to have a lure fish / troll or live bait for them. Netters from the north have been snooping, thus no more info will be given in my reports in future because of this, the local lads are fine as they are here for the long term and not for the short capital gain.

Nice fingermark, grunter, salmon and even mangrove jack are being caught. Even though the villa and oasis crew couldn't see the fish for the forest, they still were happy with their gaining catches of muddies, cod and salmon. onya lads, keep on keep on laughing. I have some awesome new local hand made lures in stock and yes like the Richo lures they do work up here, unlike so many money and time wasters. The Monster Muddies: Oh yea, they are still abundant to those who are willing to
spend the money on the good pots and best bait for up here. The timing is superb at the moment, with crabs leaving their holes (too much fresh water kills them) for the deeper water if your pots are in "the right spot, at the right time", you wont have one legal muddy per pot but many, so take lots of string to tie them and plenty of bait to refresh you pot. Remember, when the crab holes have been flushed with salt water, they will return to them.

The Headlands: Nice for trolling, so be ready for anything big, including tiger sharks.

The Reef and Islands: For the locals that have been out for a fish they pulled in loads of undersized (key rings) red emperor and grassy sweet lip and bagged out their limit of legal size for both species ....without passing the dukes....that's got you all thinking hasnt it. dont worry they wont tell me either where they caught them.

Steep, Morpeth and High Peak certainly turned it on for the boats that wanted to travel. Not a lot of makerel was pulled in but the lads didnt seem to be disappointed who fished Allandale, Shields and Alnwich Islands which are all part of the Hexham group. A perfect mix of reefies came from Sail and South Sail. The islands around the Army country have been out of bounds,due to army exercises, so they will be ripe for the picking any time soon. Best Bait, Best Info and Tackle that doesnt waste your money, call in at Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation, just past the pub and before the boat ramp at Plumtree, Stanage.
Cheers with Beers (or without)

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