Report Mon 24th Apr 06

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Report Mon 24th Apr 06

Post by Brad » Tue Apr 25, 2006 7:35 am

How'd from Stanage Bay, Shoal Water and surrounding islands,
Hope you all had a happy Easter and caught a few. We had a ball up this way with a small fishing comp, crab tying comps, plenty of prizes and a few cold ones.

The weather was not too great over the Easter period for offshore fishing but a few of us had a go anyway. It was hard going with the wind restricting some of the more open fishing spots. When the weather has been good though the fishing is top class on the reefs. It is not uncommon at the moment to come home with most species Stanage has to offer in the ice bin.

On the crabbing side, some people have been catching heaps and others scratching their heads. This leads me to think that there is more in the catch rate of some pots then people give credit to. Some pots work and some don’t. We have tried a few brands and the difference is very noticeable. Some of the crabs that have been caught of late are on the oversize list.

In the estuary there seems to be an early run of salmon. We had a bloke today make comment that he couldn't get away from the cod. Von and myself pulled a good feed of cod from the pots so they must be thick. Jew are still coming in from the hole out front, along with those fish that you can't pull up.

On the different side, the boys who headed down Shoal Water way landed a red emperor and sweetlip while sitting on the bank fishing a day or so ago.

On another good note, Von is doing fine. Chemo is finished, she is in remission and her hair is coming back. She has developed a touch for catching some of those reds on the reef, so watch out.

The road in is good with the council giving it a clean up before Christmas - good on ya council.

Until next time, yours in fishing & crabbing
Tony & Von

Von-ann Ireland

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