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Report 11/12/14

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:10 pm
by subeditor
Hello all. Well what a week. After complaining about the crabs being none existent they have come on firing.
Town Reaches
The Threadies are still going crazy. I went down for another town run and within a couple of hours I caught and released over 15 King. I was fishing in a channel using a dropper rig and accidentally caught 2 good sized Barra as well. The last thing you think you will catch in the middle of the river on the bottom is good sized Barra. I am surprised with both how many and the variety of fish being caught. Especially with the little rain we have experienced. Yorkies are still they key bait.
Still good reports of grunter and also the odd Jewie are being caught. The kingies down here are normally larger, but at the moment there has been an inundation of only just legal fellas. There are a few bait prawns starting to show them self’s now. I would imagine with the good storm we received yesterday the crabs that have started marching through the channels should fill up a little and the prawns should get a bit larger.
Thompson point
Fingermark and Jewies are the word of the point at the moment. The full moon is upon us and Thompson point always produces good fish overnight especially for the locals who know where and how to catch them. There is a lot of deep water around so if you find a good hole with fish on the sounder I would guess there would be Jewies in there some where ☺
Port Alma
Crabs Crabs CRABS have been so thick down here. It went from not being able to catch a legal one to getting your limit in a matter of a few hours. I have to stress that only about half of these crabs are full and by keeping the floaters is just unpractical and not worth it. With the good storms recently I am hoping it will be enough to fill them up soon. Also remember the possession limit is the amount in your possession at any one time. Not a daily limit so if you have 5 crabs at home you can only take 5 crabs on the day. I only say this as there have been people getting fined and the amount of crabs and fish being caught is fantastic. Hopefully they will be thick right through to Christmas ☺
Tip of the week
The town reaches up the river and port Alma are the places to land you a feed. Fish Yorkies on the bottom and be patience. Just remember the Threadies travel in schools and they will find you eventually. The run out of the tide has been the most productive. Good luck and until next time happy fishing.

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Josh Witt

Re: Report 11/12/14

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:10 pm
by subeditor
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