Report 20/8/15

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Report 20/8/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:08 am

The weekend was disappointing in the fact the winds stayed around for most of the weekend and only allowed the fishermen to think about venturing out as of Sunday and Monday. With this in mind the reports are only just starting to come in and most of these are from those that fished the close reefs like Finlay’s and Outer and Barren Islands, with some good reports of mackerel and reef fish caught. With the moon new there were some jew fish caught on the headlands and close in reefs and there have been plenty of grunter reported caught. Maybe the fishermen that fish the areas like Douglas shoals, Karamea banks will be able to venture out next weekend, and hopefully the following weekend which is the Coast Guard fishing competition is on.
All the estuaries are fishing great with plenty of reports coming in from Coorooman creek with good whiting flathead and salmon being caught, with most of the whiting out towards the mouth of the creek and the beaches. Most of the fishermen are using prawns as bait there were some that used yabbies for the whiting, the salmon are certainly partial to pilchards and white bait, and the flathead use all of the above. Now the crabs are certainly slowing down and so are the reports with only a few reports coming in telling us that they had to work for their feed and only caught just a feed. Now there have been more reports of crabs being caught from Corio and Causeway lake then Coorooman creek, and these areas have also had reports of flathead and salmon.
The weather this weekend is looking good and the tides are slow as we are entering the quarter stage of the moon phase, the winds will be light east to southeast for the start of the weekend and then they will be light east to northeast for the later part of the weekend. There will be small tides which should be on the side of the fisherman with very little run, try fishing the outer reefs and out toward Flat and Perforated Islands.
If you go onto facebook and look up Coucom’s Crabpots & Fishing Gear or you can email us at with any questions or local photos
Al’s tip of the week: remember the bag limits are there for a reason so are the reef closures

Till next week enjoy the fishing
Alan C
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