Report 11/9/15

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Report 11/9/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:27 am

The talk of the fishing around Central Queensland is the introduction of the Net Free Areas which is from the Fitzroy River to Corio Bay and including the Keppel Islands, these areas will see the gill net stopped and will hopefully see the fish stocks increase. If you would like more information just google net free area for further information, now this does mean we can go out and catch as many fish as we can, we have bag limited and rules to abide by, there are a lot of professional fishermen that this will affected and I am sure they will have no hesitation in reporting any fisherman breaking the law.
Now we usually have reports coming in from those that fish the outer reef such as the Karamea Banks and Douglas and Johnson shoal, now these fishermen either are all fished out or they didn’t go out as there have been no reports come in this week. There were plenty fishing around Flat and perforated and there were some good nannygai and other reef fish caught as well as the Spanish mackerel being caught. Now for those that are not from around the Central Queensland area, the reefs around perforated are known for the nannygai and when they come on you can certainly bag out in a short time.
There were plenty that fished the close in reefs and the Keppel and close in island with some fisherman reporting red emperor and trout and there were plenty of red throat emperor caught. The reports of mackerel were thin and far between as there have only been a few reports coming in, but I am sure this will change in the coming months.
With the temperature on the increase and the wind still coming off the land the beach fishing has certainly proven itself over the past couple of weeks with reports of salmon, whiting,trevally, bream and flathead all caught. These reports were from all the beaches along the Capricorn Coast, there have been some big flathead caught at the Causeway Lake, and up end of Farnborough beach near Sandy Point. The estuaries have also had good reports from them with Corio Bay, Coorooman Creek and Ross Creek with plenty of fishermen catching a good feed of whiting, Flathead, bream and the odd salmon. There have been plenty of reports coming in of Barra being caught in Waterpark creek and Coorooman Creek, and there have been plenty around the meter mark landed.
The weather this weekend is not looking good, start the maintenance on the fishing gear; trailer and boat as the wind don’t drop below 20knot for the weekend, or head to the estuaries
If you go onto facebook and look up Coucom’s Crabpots & Fishing Gear or you can email us at with any questions or local photos
Al’s tip of the week: With the tides into the new moon and big run try Coorooman Creek for a grunter.

Until next week enjoy the fishing

Alan C

Your local tackle shop in Yeppoon.

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