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Report 4/9/15

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:56 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Over the last few weeks it’s been all systems go. With good consistent weather the fish have been on the chew and plenty of people have taken the opportunity to get out and get amongst them. Whether it’s been flathead up the creek at Corio Bay or salmon down in Coorooman Creek there’s been plenty of species willing to play the game and then over the last week there have been 2 marlin jump on a trolled bait.

Offshore – Tightlines fishing comp which is the fundraising fishing comp for the Coast Guard was on last weekend and how they managed to jag that weather was a credit to them because it was perfect. The tides were big which made it for great for the mackerel fisho’s although it did restrict the fishing time for the bottom fisherman. But it’s hard to have it both ways and from the coral trout and nanny’s that were weighed in and the emperor on display it was pretty good and I’m sure all would agree it’s better to have the weather good and not get bashed around and then catch no fish. Anyway a great comp plenty of happy people and some good money raised for the coastguard that do a great job and we need them to be there in our time of need. A lot of people went along way offshore because the weather was so good, some caught lots some did not so well, but that’s fishing. Some of our closer hot spots were also visited and some nice size black jew were keeping the weigh master busy. This week end the tides will be smaller and the bottom fishing should improve a little just keep an eye on the weather because it’s been a bit erratic in the last few days and I usually like a few stable days before the fish bite well.

Fitzroy river - A bit quiet over the last two weeks with big threadfin slowing down a little but the grunter have been going well at Devil’s Elbow in the deeper water. A few large prawns starting to show up in the town reaches means the cast nets will get a work out over the next two weeks as they start to move around and now the prawns have surfaced I expect the fishing to improve as well. Look to see the barra get a bit more active as the water temp warms up a little and gets around that 25 deg mark but for now the big mover in the river is the banana prawns.

Port Alma - Blue salmon they are at every stop in the port at present but that is what is expected this time of year, a few crabs still being caught means it’s worth taking the pots for a run if your venturing down that way. This weekend the tides are getting smaller and the water will clean up and will need to as it was pretty dirty last weekend when the big spring tides were on.

Corio Bay - A beautiful part of the coast and just about to become even better if all the reports I’m hearing are true. Let’s hope so, the fishing up there is always good just varying levels of good flathead are still the best option and bream as well as some big 40 plus cm whiting are on offer. As well as queenfish when the water is clean towards the entrance and barra and black jew at the headland. This time of year, like all estuary systems they are touchy and it doesn’t take much to shut fish down in a shallow type system so fish smart and quiet.

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