Report 4/12/15

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Report 4/12/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:29 pm

Well over the past few months I have been saying how the crabs were hard to catch and to get a feed you would really have to work hard for a good feed, well what a difference now there are plenty around and in one tide we had caught 6 good size crabs in six pots. In Corio Bay and Coorooman creek there are plenty of crabs and we tested the fish frames and roo tails and found that the roo tails lasted longer caught more crabs.
There will be plenty of crabs in the other estuaries also, and I have had reports saying that Port Alma is crabbing well. Fishing the estuaries there have been plenty of good flathead, grunter and bream caught, there have been a lot of fisherman reporting barra being caught and in large numbers.
On the reef and offshore fishing there have been plenty of mackerel, and reef fish caught from areas like the Shoals, Flat and perforated and the area north of the green zone, and plenty of fisherman reporting catching cobia and marlin in around Barren Outer rocks and even as close as Finlay’s reef.
Now this weekend the fishing off shore will be a non event with the winds picking up and cooling us down, but it is only for a few days and then we can get back into the fishing and try for the elusive big one that seems to always get away.
Please check with the weather sites like seabreeze and the bom site to see the weather first hand, we can only give you a guide of what is suppose to be like. The winds will be from the south east till around Monday when they turn towards the east and northeast in the days following. The tides are for the weekend as followed: High tides for Friday around 4 o’clock Low around 10 o’clock Saturday high tide around 5 o’clock low tide around 11 o’clock, Sunday high tide around 6 o’clock and low tide around 11 o’clock. They are big tides as we enter into the new moon phase of the moon, and the night tides are bigger in height.
Coucom’s Crabpots and fishing gear tips:
If venturing out wide leave until early next week and wait for the wind to abate and swing into the east and northeast direction. Try Barren and Outer for a mackerel and for those wanting a good feed of reef fish you may have to go up past the green zone
For those that don’t want to travel far Corio headland and Finlay’s for a mackerel or 2 and even target the cobia on Finlay’s as well
Estuary fishing try Corio ay and Coorooman for a flathead and grunter and a good feed of mud crabs, you can even target a whiting and bream using worm and prawns for bait.
Beach fishing will be better as the wind turn to the east from about Monday onwards, try for a whiting and bream and use the worm and local prawns for bait
Al’s tip of the week: should be able to eat your bait for fish and crabs
Any photos or information about fishing that you feel others need to know about it can be dropped in or email them to we are also on face book at Coucom crabpots look us up there as well.

Till next week

Alan C

Your local tackle shop in Yeppoon.

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