Reports 18/12/15

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Reports 18/12/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:27 pm

A lot of people have landed on the Capricorn Coast to spend their Christmas and New Year. To any of the visitors we would like to welcome you here to what we call paradise! Now the fishing over the past months has been great with mackerel, tuna, marlin and plenty of reef fish caught. There has been plenty of fishermen trying to venture to the outer reefs like the shoals and perforated and flat and the north of the green zone, but have been disappointed with the strength of the wind. Those that have fished around the Keppel islands and inner reefs like Finlay’s and Ross’s reef and Barren and Outer rock were rewarded with good mackerel and reef fish. If you intend to give these areas a fish try using pilchards, ribbon fish and bonito for the Spanish mackerel, and squid and squid heads and mullet fillets for reef fishing.

All of the estuaries have proved themselves over the past weeks with plenty of mud crabs. Whiting, bream and grunter to fish that were landed. If you are going to have a fish in the estuary use pilchards, mullet fillet and herring for bait, and the best crabpot bait is roo tails. You can also try fish frames and mullet and mullet heads, but you will find the roo tails will last longer and don’t smell as much as the fish bait.

If plan to fish the beaches these holidays, I would suggest Farnborough, Kinka and Long Beaches, using prawn or the beach worm as bait. Target the big whiting and bream around at the moment, and you may also be lucky enough to land a mackerel off the beach.

Before you head out, please inform the Coast Guard of your destination and ETA of your return to port, and also check the weather at
BOM and Seabreeze. The winds will be from the south east till around Monday when they turn towards the east. Over the weekend they are expected to reach 20 knots, then easing for Monday which is the best day for fishing, and you will be limited to the close in reefs and islands.

The tides are small over the weekend. They are as follows: High tides for Friday around 2 o’clock Low around 8 o’clock Saturday high tide around 3 o’clock low tide around 9 o’clock, Sunday high tide around 4.30 o’clock and low tide around 9.30 o’clock. They are small tides as this week we enter into the new full phase of the moon, they should be ideal for fishing as the run in the tides will be small.

Beach fishing will be limited to a couple of beaches.

Coucom’s tips: If venturing out wide leave until early next week and wait for the wind to abate. There could be a chance that the wind may abate enough before Christmas. Try Barren and Outer for a mackerel, and for those wanting a good feed of reef fish try around Barren and Outer rock. For those who don’t want to travel far Corio headland and Finlay’s for a mackerel or 2 and even target the cobia on Finlay’s as well. When it comes to estuary fishing, try Corio Bay and Coorooman for a whiting, bream and flathead. You will probably get a good feed of mud crabs. For the fish use worm and prawns for bait.

Al’s tip of the week: Have a great Christmas and a better New Year.

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Alan C

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