Report 29/1/16

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Report 29/1/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:59 pm

Fishing in 2016 is shaping up to be even better than 2015. "Is that possible?" some of you are saying while others might be saying "I bloody hope so!". Whichever side of the fence you are on there’s only one way to improve and that’s to go more often and experiment with some different techniques when you go. I’m not saying completely do everything differently from what you do, just change it up a bit. Maybe try a few different locations first. If you are a Cooraman Creek tragic, try taking your skills to Corio Bay, or Port Alma, fish the same style in a different place. If you fish Corio Bay I expect you will see a vast improvement this year with no gill nets being set in the bay. This will give the salmon in particular a free passage up and down the creek, and I would expect I rise in fish species into the bay like trevally, threadfin salmon, and queen fish as well as barramundi.

Fitzroy River
The start of a new Barra season is always exciting but rarely has one come with so much expectation, as with Corio Bay the gill nets have been removed from the system and that will mean more fish moving up and down the river. I don’t think it will mean an explosion in the Barra numbers however as we still do need the appropriate set of circumstances and conditions to trigger a breeding from the fish that are already in the system. What it will mean though is the threadfin salmon of which there are plenty at present will largely remain in the system as a large number of them are being released after capture. This is evident by the number of tagged information making its way to info fish from taggers in the local area. Another interesting thing is this will be the first time for some time the Barra season has opened with a clean salty river and not a river either in flood or at least running brown with fresh water from a deluge west of us here. That is at this time of writing not taking into account what might happen this weekend, if it stays salty you will continue to see more grunter, black Jew and other salt water species of fish caught up in the town reaches.

There has also been plenty of bait in the top 5 km of river as well as some good size eating prawn up under the bridges so cast net time is now. If you prefer to have perch bait as your live bait of choice, you might want to re think your strategy to there are huge numbers of small mullet in the system, and that is what the fish are feeding on as well as the prawns. It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard the stories around the town of the schools of salmon smashing into the bait like tuna in the ocean, you will have also heard the stories of the bull sharks in the river and there are plenty of them at present as well. So keep that in mind when you are up to your proverbials casting your net for bait. Look the sharks are just part of the food chain and unfortunately for some people who have had good fish taken they are not going to go away real soon not while the conditions suit up here anyway , interestingly they are not anywhere as thick at Port Alma, or not that I have seen anyway.

Things are a bit hit and miss, with small windows of opportunity, but when the fish are on there’s plenty of good catches being reported and coral trout have been on their game the last couple of weeks around the islands as well as offshore on the shoals. Live baits as well as cut baits have been the go, and we have had some very nice whole cuttlefish in the shop lately and they have been very well received by emperor as well as nanny’s. I think the offshore fishing is being regulated at present by the weather when its good just go, and remember to give those micro jigs a try, it’s bigger than yo yo’s were in the 70s and they do catch fish. Col is our resident expert on the micro jig so give him a few minutes of your time and see if he can put you in touch with a few more fish.

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