Report 12/2/16

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Report 12/2/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:46 pm

A drenching over central Queensland has changed most fishing conditions. Some for the better and some will take a little while to come good. We have had plenty of reports of what’s been happening around the trap this is a quick over view.

Crabs have been flushed out of most hiding spots with the fresh and are in the main streams this is quite common and they will simply seek out the salt water. Remember fresh water flows on top of salt water so even though the water on top may look brown and taste fresh the water pushing in with the tide may still be quite salty on the bottom.

Corio Bay - Running fresh and probably better off leaving it alone for a couple of weeks give it time to settle down. If you have to go your best bet will be at the front, find the dirty water line where the fresh meets the salt and that should find you a fish. Crabs will be there and find the deeper holes toward the front that have salt water coming into them at high tide there is where you should find a crab.

Coorooman Creek - Will have had a bit of fresh in it but seems to have fared better than Corio Bay. Defiantly worth a go for a crab as it is deeper than Corio and finding a barra should be as easy as dropping some livies beside a snag and holding on. The water might still be a bit on the dirty side for the lures but never say never. There has been some nice barra caught in dirty water so use bright lures that stand out in the dirty water, Guns and Roses is perfect and the rattle comes into its own in the dirty water as well, they work in the territory and a lot of the water up there is dirty so give it a try.

The Fitzroy River - Net free and slowly filling with barra this is what we had hoped for and for a while it looked like it wasn’t going to rain, but it has and some of the creeks have run enough to drop some much needed fish into the river system. The likes of Gavial Creek play a very significant role in supplying the river with barra, this is where they enter the system from the surrounding lagoons so to not have a net strung up across the mouth of the creek is now allowing these fish safe passage into the river. This is the same scenario repeated throughout the river at several points, so bring on the rain I say and lets fill that river with barra. If we are going to have a fishery to like those in the territory we have to start somewhere and this is it. I was asked the other day has the fishing in the river improved yet to which I replied it’s a bit like opening a brand new amusement park before all the rides are up and running you need to lay the foundations and make sure all is done to ensure its success we are in the foundation stage and the more fish that go into the river the better it will be. It will not be an overnight transformation but it will be a significantly better river to fish as time goes on , at present it is in flood and will only be fishing well if you can find clean fresh water flowing into the main stream.

Callide Dam - Before the rain was the bomb and fish were being caught every other day as I believe the water was released by way of the valve system the water was released under and it did not flow over therefore there should not have been any significant fish loss happy days when the days warm up again it will be set to fire.

Port Alma - It will be the go to spot for most fisho’s. Not unlike last year when the river ran fresh the Port fished pretty well and this year should be no different. Look for some good catches at Connors Rocks the grunter are set to be there in some good numbers throughout the year as the nets have been removed from this system as well. We are looking forward to improved fish numbers as well as improved fishing in general as most of the target species were taken from this estuary; salmon, barra, grunter, fingermark, steel back , threadfin. All were netted so expect them to make some sort of a recovery over the next twelve months. If you’re heading down that way remember Raglan Creek will have had a fresh run as well as Inkerman and Casuarina Creeks. This may help if you’re chasing crabs as well. Smaller tides this week end will mean less flow and cleaner water but probably on the southern side of this fishery.

Offshore - Well we can only sit and wait for some break in the weather which will allow us to get offshore it’s been a crap couple of weeks and the sooner the better for me. I have a truck load of perfect red emperor baits “whole Cuttle fish”. In the freezer if you need some or haven’t tried it yet give us a ring at the shop 07 4922 4833 it is the best bottom fishing bait. There were good numbers of mackerel in the bay pre this rain and wind, so it will take a few days if not a week or so of light winds to settle the bay and then if the bait fish have not deserted us the macks should be back closer to the coast. The bottom fish will still be there and the number of trout being caught last month was very good. One thing we have noted was there are still a few squid around the islands this seems a bit unusual as they usually only turn up when the water gets cooler so maybe we are in for a bumper squid season ahead.

If you haven’t been for a fish in the last week and are planning on going this weekend good luck and don’t forget to take a crab pot and drop it in somewhere, it’s sure to be worth the trouble.

Barra Jacks
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