Report 19/2/16

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Report 19/2/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Feb 19, 2016 9:50 am

The road into Stanage when I was on it two days ago was simply awesome. Creeks were running over with of a couple of them having the water lapping the causeway to being just under the bridges.
Tony and I took a day off and drove out to halfway creek, when the flow and water height wasn’t quite enough to barra fish, we continued on to tilpal creek. 10 others had the same idea. Fellas from Rocky, Yeppoon, The Caves, Marlborough and us from Stanage. I'm not sure their choice of lures or bait, however they certainly out fished us. It was great to see the black tailed barra, most tagged, making their way back to the salt from the fresh. A couple must have been making their way upstream with the huge 7.1m tide, to the fresh, their yellow tails telling the story. It is still the same old story with the unsealed road, drive to prevailing conditions, there will always be corrugation and pot holes, roos and cattle... simply slow down, take in the beauty and please stop throwing out your cans, bottles and rubbish. The Stanage road is actually ours and a lot of others' driveway, we don’t come to your driveway and throw rubbish.
The estuary has finally started showing good signs of big muddies, its been a slow start to the season, late start hopefully will mean a late finish. We have had no rain, believe it or not, our tanks still have not overflowed and the yard is dry and dusty. Where there has been a dark cloud burst, if you are lucky enough to be under it, well done… unfortunately on the point we were not that lucky. Every fishery needs rain to flourish, from crustaceans to fish, just like graziers and gardners.
The Barra in the estuary (Thirsty Sound) have been loving the fresh at the tops of the creeks, however only those which meet the flooded plains, so I'm told.
The Reef and Islands once again have been having the spell of their life, with no people, no boats, no lines, plenty of wind and huge tides. The last reef fish I saw up here was from a crew staying in the Pacific Oasis, and a few more should start making Stanage interesting again, by sharing pics of their catches. Simply email me the pics. If you don’t want your name, boat or place mentioned, just say so, and mum's the word.
I have cancellations all through 2016 in both the Pacific Villa and Pacific Oasis, need a spot, ring me and I will have a gander in the books for you.

If you need a nice safe boat, try my old mate's boat. It's a 19’6" Haines, with 225 Yamaha 4-stroke, 07 model only 50hrs, with a sounder, GPS, good trailer, covers etc, and at a price of $27000. If anyone is interested ring me and I will forward the family’s phone number to you. Unfortunately, my old friend, passed away from cancer and will no longer need his boat. An oldie, but a goodie! Too true. The both my friend and the boat. The boat, motor, trailer are here at Stanage.

Until next time, which will be a weekly report once again, now the email address has been sorted.
Cheers with or without the beers,

07 49373145;

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