Report 26/2/16

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Report 26/2/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:54 pm

Corio Bay – It’s been very windy in the bay so not many reports from up that way, but the few that have gone up have done well. Some good barra in the creek at the moment and most are being taken on live baits. Surprisingly some good size flathead are also being caught, a bit out of season but there you go. One stand out was the number of small prawn in the bay expect them to grow over the next 3 weeks, get the cast nest ready a feed of banana prawns is just around the corner.

Mud Crabs - They are on the move thanks to the fresh water and we are getting reports of reasonable numbers. Inkerman Creek, Thompsons Point, Corio Bay and Stanage Bay, are all on the improve as far as crabs are concerned so this weekend will be worth a try. Remember when you are crabbing after a fresh water flow the salt may have pushed back up the estuary further than you think as salt water is heavier and even though that water looks and tastes fresh the water on the bottom might be quite different. It’s worth spreading your pots out and prospecting rather than dropping all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

Red claw - We have some wicked new red claw pots in stock so if you are into it check them out. Best spots are definately Fairbairn Dam at Emerald and Callide Dam at Biloela. Both have good numbers of redclaw and although it is not quite the same as crabbing it is still fun especially when you pull the pots for the first time to see what’s in them. I love the feeling of expectation just as the pot comes into view if that ever leaves you give it up and play golf!!! Remember bait wise they are herbivores so they prefer rock melon skins half boiled potatoes or pear cut in halve this is not to say they won’t go for pilchards but the fruit and veges is a better option .

Barramundi - Well it seems more barra have been caught in the last 3 weeks than in the last 12 months, so something happened maybe it was just the fresh water that stirred them up a bit and gave us a different reason to chase them. Whatever it is it’s great to see some big fish being caught and released. The one thing I have noticed is the number of enquires for people from out of town ringing us at the shop and enquiring as to the viability of coming to Rockhampton for a fishing trip; one party from the Sunshine Coast, 3 from NSW, and 2 from VIC , as well as a couple of lads that come every year from Mackay. So if you thinking of coming for a fish this is the scenario as I see it - the Fitzroy River is still quite fresh and not that inviting from a fishing point of view in the town reaches however the system the river feeds is quite large and it is possible to travel from the centre of Rockhampton to the centre of Gladstone some 100 plus km away and not travel in the ocean so there is a vast array of creeks and estuaries all of these hold fish and most but not all are now net free and quite fishable you would not fish all this area in a year let alone a week. Add to this the estuary system to the north of Yeppoon, Corio Bay, an hour’s drive from Rockhampton or Coorooman Creek less than an hour’s drive from Rockampton (both net free), and we are starting to put a few possible days fishing together. If you have any doubts or need more information just ring Barra Jacks and ask us any question you have we will know what’s going on and can give you up to date info or just contact us on our facebook page.

Offshore Fishing - Small windows and conflicting weather reports make the weather harder to pick than a broken nose, but for the few that made it out this week it was worth it. Col from the shop was giving the micro jigs a swim and found out what happens when the sharks take a liking to your amberjack on the line. Shark now has as many jigs as Col! The boys did mange some nice size red jew and trout and it’s no doubt the jigs are fishing very well. It seems action does breed action as JM would say the more jigs in the water the better the results.

Humminbird - They have just released the Helix 12 and that now completes the helix range from 5” to 12”. There is one in the range for everyone, and for the next month they are offering a cash back rebate on all models in the helix range. A lot of people are taking advantage of this great offer and in today’s climate every dollar counts, so if you are in the market for a new sounder now is the time to have a look.

Speaking of Humminbird we are in the process of putting together an information night, with the Humminbird Gurus. Ddates are to be confirmed but it looks like late March. If you have any questions or you just need a bit of an update this will be the night to attend. Guest speakers will be Justin Welsh national production manager for Humminbird and technical adviser. If you have a technical question he is your man. Craig Griffiths, Humminbird Pro staff, and one of the best Barra fisherman in the country. Side image is his forte, so pick his brain and of cause the Humminbird staff from Barra Jacks. We will all be available to update you on the latest models and answer all your questions. So stay tuned for that one.

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