Report 10/3/16

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Report 10/3/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:03 pm

Creeks are running and that’s good for the Barra, so let’s have a look at what may occur in the coming weeks.

Gavial Creek - It will run again as the water levels at Scrubby Creek are on the rise and Roupes Bridge is lapping the road now. Hopefully this will let more fish into the system and by system I mean Fitzroy River and by fish I mean Barra. If they didn’t get though on the last flood this might be their last chance this year, it may also let some of the smaller fish in the river make their way upstream into the lagoons. The other location this might be evident is at the Twelve Mile if the bigger tides coincide with the flow into the salt. If you want to fish Gavial Creek give it a day or two and then push up the creek as far as you can just sit and listen you will hear the fish boofing as they feed on the abundance of bony bream that have already been in the creek from the last flow.

Moores Creek - It was already fishing quite well on the sand bar out front of the bowls club in the centre of town. Not many towns can boost that in their fishing report!!! Most Barra were being caught on live baits such as perch, and mullet, fished under floats rather than on the bottom. When I asked why they were fishing on the top, it was because the catfish were knocking the baits off as soon as they got too far down. Fair enough baits are hard enough to come by and the last thing you want is catties stealing your livies, the creek will get a fair run in it and it will offer some good run off fishing in the next couple of days so keep, an eye out for the clear water line and fish it with your suspending lures you can’t go wrong.

Thompsons Point - There are multiple points where the wet lands run into the river from the plains on Fitzroy Vale and if they receive enough rain then these will all have fish present. Once again fish the dirty water line where the clean water runs in, it’s pretty simple if you’re not getting a bite move to the next one and try it there are times when the fish prefer one run in over another. Keep an eye on the logs in the river and if possible use the ramp closest to where you intend to fish this will eliminate some of the obstacles you may encounter while the river is in flow .
Port Alma - There are not a heap of run points to fish at the port but depending on how much rain we get again there are a couple Inkermann Creek , Raglan Creek, and a couple of creeks that return into Casuarina Creek will be worth a look for sure .
On the local scene the fishing had been quite good over the last couple of weeks, we had a chance to fish Corio Bay and the place was full of prawns around 2” long perfect bait size and the flathead, Bream, cod and barra were having a field day. We caught all these species in varying sizes and saw plenty of fish, so it was going well. But with rain Waterpark had on Sunday the creek will be roaring right now so give it a couple of weeks and it will fire up again.

Coorooman Creek - Was the place to fish over the past month it has yielded more Barra than any other estuary system and for whatever reason it’s been the place to fish. Most have come on live baits once more but hay when in Rome as they say. Emu Park Creek as well as Plain River have been the best stretches and live baits fished adjacent to the slips have been the most effective.

We haven’t heard too much from the offshore brigade but it has been blowing its head off and most people have been trading the fishing rods for surf boards, crabbing has been better but has still not reached the heights of last season yet . Once again Coorooman was the go to place for crabs with Port Alma a close second, you are having to cover some serious miles in order to find some ground that has not been crabbed as people go looking for a feed , hopefully this lot of rain will stir a few up.

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