Report 30/5/16

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Report 30/5/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 10, 2016 4:19 pm

If you ever had any doubt that the net free zones were going to work then check the way the river has been fishing over the last 2 weeks, every day there are fish being caught and that is exactly what we thought could happen, Barra, King salmon, Blue salmon, Grunter, are all on the move and they are being caught the length of the river it is just the start to the winter season we were hoping for. I would say there have been more Barra over the magic meter mark caught in town, in the last two weeks, then there have been in the last two years, I will stand corrected if you can prove me wrong. Lures proving their worth have been varied with fish eating most offerings, soft vibes have been going well - pick one the back wires don’t pull out of, Transams still the best and yes I know they’re expensive compared to some other brands but when it’s the only thing holding onto your fish of a life time I know what I would use. Some good fish have been caught on the troll with Classics 12ft, being popular as well as bigger Lucky Crafts but the stand out has been the Lethal 4mtrs they have been producing on the troll and the cast.

Last weekend saw a heap of threadfin salmon make their way into the town reaches and hopefully they will stick around for a while. There has been plenty of bait in the river and it has been a while since I’ve seen so many pop eye mullet. They are right through the river system from the mouth all the way up town and through to the Port in Casuarina. In this part of the world they are a staple diet for Barra as well as threadfin so it’s great to see them returning. Driving around the river on Saturday and Sunday it was great to see so many people out and fishing on the river, the water was a bit dirty still down the bottom end but that will clear with the smaller tides in winter. Expect some good bream and grunter to make their way up river over the next few months and fish the rock piles for the bigger bream on the neap or smaller tides, whether you’re a bait or a lure fisherman now is the time to be fishing the river.

Due to tag returns we now know that fish stocked into the fresh water side of the river (for those of you that are not aware in the middle of town we have a barrage that separates the fresh water from the salt it was built in the sixties to give Rocky a permanent water supply) have come through the barrage and are now in the salt so yes there are now more Barra in the system. I expect some of these bigger fish may have come from there as well I have had numerous conversations with people who have drawn the same conclusion, hopefully they will get through to the end of the year and be able to make lots more Barramundi.
Corio Bay - What a beautiful creek Waterpark is and fishing really well at the moment for grunter and whiting, but I expect it will come to life even more over the colder months and the bream and flathead will only be outnumbered by the salmon. Bring it on now the nets are gone from this system it will flourish. Fish the deeper holes at low tide and you can’t go wrong but when that tide runs in the fish move up with the tide and that is when the salmon are on the bite, use soft vibes as well as dead herring. They are suckers for a well presented bait keep your bait flat so it doesn’t twist or spiral. Use small gang hooks if you can’t get your bait to sit flat on your hook.

Keppel Islands - Now is time for squid and there a plenty around right now when you get the weather go and get a feed of fresh squid, use good quality squid jigs it will make all the difference. Over the years I have not used expensive jigs always thinking there were plenty of squid and there was no need to shell out $25.00 for a squid jig , but I can tell you last year they really made a difference. They made the tough day easier and the good days great and we’ve heard plenty of stories about the Yamashita’s out fishing the run of the mill jigs. Warm jacket is the way to go with the jig being wrapped in a specially developed cloth that appears warmer in the salt water enabling the squid to detect it and from what we are hearing it works. Plenty of mackerel in the bay as well and all we need is the bait to stay and they will have no reason to leave, hot spots have been Bangalee, Finlay’s Reef, Conical, and Forty Acre check these out before you go any further sometimes the fish are closer than you think this time of year .

Coorooman Creek - Probably the quietest of all at present but that will change there have been a few grunter as well as a few crabs but not a great deal of much else. It will fish during the winter with big beam and plenty of salmon to come in the next two months, it might be that the river has been going so well people have not been going to Coorooman so we have had less reports .

Port Alma - Man it always looks good and there has been the air of anticipation as you drive down that you are going to catch a fish, plenty of threadfin salmon as well as blues a few Barra but not as good as the Fitzroy and some good crabs showing up. Best places have Kamiesh Passage as well as Connors Creek and some good crabs in Alligator Creek. This week the tides are big good crabbing tides but better next week to fish.
You will have noticed an influx of people fishing in tournament style boats and most of them are pre fishing for the upcoming Bass Nations Barra round being held in the river in June. This is the first time it’s been held here and is just one of the competitions around the country that has its eyes on the river now the nets are out and the fishing is on the improve. I expect a good roll up for this style of comp as its all catch and release and it will be good to see some of the country’s top Barra anglers fighting it out, already there are anglers from as far north as Cairns and south to Victoria nominated.

You can certainly tell the mood has changed fishing wise as we head into the cooler months the fishing is getting better and I am loving it, get the gear ready it’s going to be a good winter.

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