Report 5/8/16

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Report 5/8/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Aug 05, 2016 2:07 pm

For everyone intending to visit Stanage Bay, the road is open and in good condition.
Thirsty Sound has been fishing well for the patient anglers and crab hunters. Stanage should have been spelt Strange, for that is exactly what Stanage Bay is. We get a lot of excellent anglers who in their own element are champions on the water and putting fresh seafood on their tables, however bring them to Stanage, if they do not forget all they have learnt elsewhere and be willing to start again, with not only listening to the local tackle shops advice, but also act on the advice given, are simply hopeless, and should seriously take up another form of sport.
So many anglers call into Rockhampton to the tackle shops there….bad , bad move! Often, the staff do not fish / crab or travel to Stanage Bay, rather they read ,the reports, (just like you).
Rockhampton has different size tides and tidal movement, thus different tackle. Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation is not expensive and have an extensive range in their stock… bait, ice, tackle and camping. If you can’t see it just ask. The staff is always friendly and cooperate with a smile. I always say I can get you in or out of trouble… one or the other... and if I cant help you, I will put you in the right direction for a local to help you. From a cold beer, fuel, gas, food, tyre repairs to a welding repair, even other accommodation if Pacific Villa or Pacific Oasis, does not suit your stay. Stanage Bay may be small in population, but big on assistance. Please bring your loose change for a nice donation to the local coastguard, rural fire brigade, s.e.s, even bring your read books and donate them to the local library.
Until next time, enjoy the pics.
Von Ireland

Stanage Bay Marine & accommodation
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