Report 12/8/16

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Report 12/8/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:32 pm

We have had quite unseasonal rain and the river has had a fresh flow in winter something new for this part of the world. It would be simple to just do what you would do in November or February when it is more expected for it to rain. But will this work in winter? Probably not because the species we chase in winter are different to the summer species. So let’s look at what has been affected; the Fitzroy River town reaches are back to tidal and there are only 4 gates open at the moment letting fresh water through into the salt side of the barrage this is maybe the case for a few weeks yet so it is fishable but the water looks more like the Dawson River than the Fitzroy, live baits only might be the best bet for a winter barra.

Corio Bay. Water park creek did run fresh but has settled down now although still fresh there have been some good catches of flathead and bream out the front of the bay on the run in tides and until the fresh gets cleaned out of the creek the action will continue to be toward the front of the bay, definitely worth a go.
Coorooman Creek. This is when Coorooman comes to life; the first estuary system north of the river mouth means any fish getting pushed out of the river usually find their way into Coorooman and it has been fishing well, barra, grunter, bream, flathead, have all been on the hit list as well as couple of crabs as well so as far as the coast is concerned Coorooman is the pick right now.

Cania Dam. Not an eyebrow is usually raised over this small dam, until the bass do what they are doing at the moment and they are chewing their heads off. Reports have the dam fishing better than ever with catches of over 30 fish the norm so if bass are your go then now is the time to get into them. They seem to love cooler weather and Monto in winter gets cold! Small vibes, fish candy fork tails as well as spinner baits, and any purple hard body up to 50mm long will catch you a bass. Find the schools of fish on the Humminbird and fish them for about 20 min if you don’t get a bite move to different school. Not all fish will bite but the reports at present are all fish are biting.

Port Alma. Will be worth a look. Plenty of blue salmon in the Port at the moment and some good flathead being caught in the drains that run off the flats at low tide. The crabs have been slow but it is always worth putting a pot in. There have been some king salmon reported as well I believe they were caught in Innkerman Creek.
Offshore. When the wind stops blowing get over to the islands and have a go at the squid there are plenty and they are still on the chew. Try the yamashita squid jigs. They are streets ahead of any other squid jig I have used and I am not the best squid catcher and these things make me look good. There are also still plenty of trout around live baits have been the doing the trick and the run in tide is best, sweetlip have also been getting caught and they love it when there is a bit of fresh water about as there was last couple of weeks, the mackerel have been absent but will not be far away when the water cleans up they will be there because there is plenty of bait around.

The best places to fish right now are Port Alma, Coorooman Creek, offshore when the wind permits, Cania Dam if you are into bass, Corio Bay but stay out the front of the bay, and the Causeway Lake when the run through is on. About the only two places that are doing it tough is the Fitzroy River and the top end of Corio Bay or Waterpark Creek.

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