Report 17/8/16

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Report 17/8/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:32 pm

This week on the Central Queensland coast has not been the best of weather but coming up to the weekend their is a small window of opertunity for those keen to hit the wide open ocean on saturday with winds dropping down to 5-10 knots ESE. Wind will then pick back up on Sunday with it slowly easing back down again on Monday to 10 knots ESE in the morning then turning into a E by the afternoon.

Offshore: Has been producing a great amount of fish if you have been able to get out and about on the water. Nice Spanish Mackeral, Cobia,Jew fish and Giant Trevally have been found in rather close around Keppel Island and the surrounding Islands. A few of us had to oppertunity ourself to get out there over the past week and we didnt come home short of a feed. We found Nannygai, Sweetlip, Red emporer, finger mark and Cod around Flat Island along with the Minke Whales, then as the night started to get closer we headed towards Finlays to set up ready for the night to chase the big Jew that have been around. We did end up picking up a couple of good jew fish each then headed for home.
Smithy, Joe and Rick with a feed of Nannygai they come across near Flat Island.
The whales spotted hanging around Finlays.
Coucom2.png (39.23 KiB) Viewed 658 times

Creeks/Estuary's: They been the hot spot for many fisherman, the low tides have been producing great whiting around the sand bars at Corio Bay, Sandy Point, Farnborough Beach, Causeway Lake and Coorooman Creek. The barra have been rather quiet with this cold weather around but are starting to slowly show there noses again with a couple of good ones been caught in the Fitzroy River on Vibes and live bait, and the odd one has been found in the deep holes of Corio bay. The odd Salmon and grunter have been caught in the Coorooman Creek around the rock bars and cockel beds so when targeting them look for your structure.
Crabbing: Crabs have gone quiet with this cold weather around but if you do happen to come across those big bucks they have been FULL! A lot of small Jennies are still out and about so this is a good sign for the up and coming crab season.

On the topic of crabbing, Coucom's Crabpots and Fishing Gear have now just designed a new type of crab Dilly called Dad's Dilly it is the new and improved way of dillying. Dad's Dillys have been approved by the Department of Fisheries and have been tested and proven to work wonders. Dad's dillys are a great way to catch a feed of crabs in a short amount of time as they can be checked every 20 minutes, this will also lower the chances of peoples pots being stolen as you are working them all the time. Here are a few snap shots of the new design of dilly from Coucom's, called Dad's Dilly.
Entrance to Dad's Dilly.
Coucom3.png (85.29 KiB) Viewed 658 times
Side view of Dad's Dilly showing split leg design.
Coucom4.png (80.3 KiB) Viewed 658 times

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