Report 10/9/16

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Report 10/9/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:14 pm

Central Queensland this week coming is looking to be great with winds under 10 Knots all the way threw till Thursday at this stage. The wind will mainly be coming from the east .. Saturday and Sunday are the good days when everyone will be out and about because if the weekend so if you are lucky enough to have a few days under your belt this week coming is when you should use them!. With weather like this around make sure you get your rods ready and fuel the boat up early because you will be racing every man and his dog to the ramp....

Offshore: Those brave enough to hit the seas in hunt for a feed have been very surprised with the species of fish they have been coming across considering the weather and coldness that we have been having up here lately. The big squid have been out in force and also in quiet close. Everything from trout, sweetlip, tusk/parrot, red emperor, nannygai, Cobia and the odd big mackerel have been caught at around that 50km mark from the Rosslyn Bay harbour. Jew and grunter are hanging around the Finlay’s but on the right tides and moons. If you are looking at getting out this week at all make sure your looking for your structure, the structure may not be big but if you anchor right and your around at the right tide you will be surprised at what a small mark on the bottom of the ocean can produce. Also dont rule out the island’s around here for a fish some big fish have recently been pulled up around Man and wife, Barron, Outer and the keppels so don't just drive past make sure you stop and have a drop.
Nathan Miller with a cracker of a Jew.
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Creeks/Estuaries: After all the rain we have been having lately is has defernetly got the creeks running the Fitroy is flying at the moment so the Fitzroy isnt to much of a hot spot at the moment. In saying this it is a good thing for the Coorooman creek as it is the closest creek to the Fitroy so a lot of the fish end up their. Corio bay is starting to clear up but out the front in the bay and the whiting and flathead are loving the sandbars that have been formed from the severe weather we have had. I have had a couple reports of blokes heading up the back of the Causeway lake and missing a couple of big barra. Watch out for the run in under the bridge of the Causeway that has been producing some good fish but remember to work around your tides.

If you are looking at wetting a line this week in the creek Coorooman creek would be the spot to be. Salmon, Grunter, bream and the odd barra are holding around the rock bars and the deep holes and the whiting and flat head are out towards the mouth on the sand flats.

Crabbing: Crabs have still been very quiet they have been catching the odd buck but the water temp is still a little bit to cold for them to poke there heads up. Alan Coucom (Crusty) did get a chance to get up the bay and use his new design of dillies ( Dad’s Dilly) on the weekend and even though the crabs have been quiet the dillies did end up catching him a nice feed to take home.

Come in to Coucom’s crabpots and fishing gear and check out the new Dad’s Dillys and see them for yourself, or just pop in for a yarn. We are always happy to help out with any information we can give you.
A Coucom’s crab pot after being in the water for a tide...
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