Report 16th Nov 05

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Report 16th Nov 05

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 17, 2005 5:28 am

Howdy everyone from Von at Stanage Bay Marine and Accommodation - Fishing and crabbing at Stanage, The Duke and Percy Islands.

Well fishers not a lot of action here since I have been home (only the last couple of days) but I did catch fingermark and cod at the Jew Hole and Tony’s dad reefed in a couple of nice cod. Tony caught some nice grunter in Porters Creek. We were happy just to get on the water and get some fresh air in the lungs.

The crabs have just showed their ugly bod (not a lot yet) and yes there are some empties. Remember to always release the empty ones - you can't eat their shell. We have had some beaut rain, which hopefully means a bumper year for both fish and crabs.

The road is still okay. We came in at 9.30pm in a Cruiser ute, towing a 5.2 m boat - fully loaded too I must admit.

The reef sparked up nicely for some of the locals. There are no visitors to talk of this month - the town is full of ghosts. The locals have been catching the usual grassy sweetlip, red emperor and trout - nice one boys and girls. I'd get my throat cut if I mentioned names – it’s the secret thing you know. But I can say that Captain Shonk (Gary), Norton and their crew came home with a nice feed of reefies - well done mates (as per usual).

Now if any of you wonderful adventurous fishers and crabbers would like to visit our area, give us a call or email us, and we will fit you up with some budget priced, fisherman friendly accommodation.

My health, for all you people that are wondering, is great. I am finally home after eight weeks in Brisbane - One boob and three lymph nodes less, with two lots of chemotherapy in the veins, and four to go. Oh yeah, my head, so Tony tells me, is like wet and dry sand paper (thanks mate). Yep we had to shave it. I started to look like a dog with the mange. My beautiful golden hair was dropp’n off like flies hit with Mortein. Anyway, many thanks for the mountain of calls from a lot of you guys - they keep me sparking.

Have a ganda at the pics and get your butt up here - that is if you dare.

See ya here soon - okay.

Yours in fish’n ‘n crabb’n

Von Ann Ireland
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Fax/phone – 07 49 373 145
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