Weekly Report 8 Feb 11

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Weekly Report 8 Feb 11

Post by Brad » Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:37 pm

Howdy all fishers from Stanage Bay, Shoalwater Bay and Thirstysound
Ok, GAME ON! finally the road is quite good, the accommodation is ready, the wind has dropped, the rain has stopped and the muddies are mostly huge and full and plentiful the boys have been up the creeks and on the headlands fishing - trolling and fishing with livies for the BARRA. Croc, Dougie, Callum and a few guys and girls I dont know have been up the sound and into them. Callum is the only one to weigh in his catch. Onya mate, keep em coming.

remember 18th of Feb, is our spectacular king tide will be over 7 metres, its awesome to see and swim in. We havent worked out exactly the size, though beyond doubt it will prove to be worth the look. I will take some pics and get Brad to post them for me, for those who cant get up here to experience it. For those with a big boat, you know over 6 m, be ready for a great time outside reef and island fishing. and please, please weigh in your fish or at least email me the pics stanagebaymarine@bigpond.com , my photo boards on the deck at the tackle shop is out of date, so come on fellas and girls, share you pics - not your fish, ok.
til next time keep safe n happy
Von Ireland
Well done Callum
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