Report Thur 16th Feb 06

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Report Thur 16th Feb 06

Post by Brad » Fri Feb 17, 2006 6:54 am

How'd from Stanage Bay, Shoal Water and surrounding islands,
Well first of all, sorry for the delay in fishing reports. With Von’s chemo and other commitments time has just dissappeared.On the Von front, all is well. Her last chemo has finished so it's time to let the body recover. That means rest but you can't keep her out of the boat.

On the fishing front, things are great. February is a quiet month for the bay visitor-wise but the estuary just fires. We get a real kick out of just watching wild barra and salmon jumping as we spook them in the shallows. It surprises me why there aren’t more boats at the ramp in February but I guess the Christmas bills are kicking in.

We have seen some top barra, salmon and cod being weighed in. There have also been some very large fingermark caught but they have not been weighed in. Come on boys bring those fish in for the weigh-in. Small town word travels quickly.

On the mud crab front, they have been going up and down. One day your pots are full, the next only one here and there. My opinion is we need rain and lots of it. The crabs that have been caught have been of the extra large size, so that’s encouraging.

The reef fishermen have been kept on the shore but on the odd chance a few have ventured out. All came home with smiles. One group I spoke to caught there day’s catch in two hours.

If anyone is keen we have some vacancies in September and October this year. September and October at the bay offer some top salmon fishing, with all three species on the chew and some of the year’s lovely spring weather for reef fishing. Give us a call if you are keen.

The road in is in okay order at the moment. We find it not bad as we can do 80km per hour in the Cruiser ute but there is the odd pot hole or two. Some people have a say or two about it, but all in all it's not too bad.

Until next time, yours in fishing and crabbing,

Tony & Von

Von-ann Ireland

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There have been some excellent catches of crabs and fish in the Stanage Bay area over the last month. Check out the pics.

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