Weekly Report 8 Dec 11

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Weekly Report 8 Dec 11

Post by Brad » Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:27 pm

Stanage Bay and its surrounding islands and reef have been having a well earned rest, with the wind visiting on and off ....it feels a bit like living in Cooktown. The mackerel fired up whilst we were on annual leave in October so I didnt get to join in to catch one or two. On the close islands the fishers were rewarded with awesome catches of red emperor, had it have been a few years ago they could have taken them home, however being 53 and 54 cm they were all thrown back til next time, onya boys well done. On my favourite patch of islands i heard and saw pics on their phones of huge legal sweet lip, not one or two but dozens.....all to be thrown back....why..? Apparently down south they are not worthy of a tasty reef fish meal..sorry to tell you this guys..Wrong.

Up here our sweeties are the locals favourite eating fish, the white flesh is superb. One hint, just make sure you bleed it as soon as you pull it in. The oysters have been simply perfection this season as well. In the estuary the jewfish have been back to how they were ten years ago with huge catches coming in, I think one was weighed in at 19kg, mostly they were between 5kg and 10kg. The muddies are on the prowl after simply cruising for the past few months. Come in and see me for some pointers before you put your pots in though so hopefully you wont be too disappointed, eg. using the wrong bait or following someone else. The council have almost finished grading all the Stanage Bay Road, so no whinging ok, still make sure you do your maintainance on everything before coming up, its a long way to come to have breakdowns. I carry what i can in my shop to get breakdowns going again if not its about a two hour drive to rocky.

Once again thats where we come into you guys and gals looking after us local businesses buy getting your bait, ice & fuel up here, we can help you all in the long term...we are not rip off merchants and its quality. !! even our bullshit. ok. Until next time keep on fishin. cheers Von Ireland

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