Weekly Report 2 Sep 13

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Weekly Report 2 Sep 13

Post by Brad » Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:41 am

BlankHowdy all fishers n boaties from Stanage, Shoalwater bay and Surrounding Islands
The Road: The road in is in tip top condition with no complaints that I have heard of. I did notice last week a huge pot hole between Banksia and Torilla boundary grid, however if you slow down and take in the scenary,. you will have no worries.

The Crabbing: Yes it is out of season, but as per usual at this time of year, what is caught is huge and full. The best spots are west of long island, west of quail island and the sea front of quail island.. Give yourself the best chance in potting a monster and use the best crab pots, the best bait and move your pots. best still come and see me at the tackle shop in the boat yard and get your knowledge, pots n bait off Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation.

The Estuary: Oh yea! since talking to you, its been on fire with huge bream, grunter, flat, blue and threadfin Salmon. If you sit the tides out and use excellent bait and good lures anything could hook including Barra. The weather has warmed up a bit too nicely too quickly, so Barra has been caught in the creeks and as per usual on the headlands.

The Islands n Reef: Nice quality catches of grassy sweet lip, red jew ( both large n small mouth ), red emperor and coral trout have been pulled in, and yes I have seen the pics. Spannos are still on the chew, they have been out of their playtime mode and are taking the bait n lures, even some schoolies are being hooked. Its a little early for jew fish in the estuary holes be a couple are still being hooked outside in the warmer water.

The Accommodation: I still have some fishermans accommodation for 2013 and 2014 calendar is printed for the bookings next year. Oops a daisy to Mad Mick with the bottom bangers, on ya mate, I guess you can pull in a legal coral trout any day of the week... Nothing like catch n release with the fillets still on the back bone.

Whinge Whinge: Some visitors still dont get it - Please pass on this to everyone visiting Stanage, young or old. Honesty, Respect, Cleanliness, Common sense. The Road to the boat ramp is two lane - wide enough to fit the coastguard big boat and tractor one way, and wide enough to fit anyone elses big boat and tractor. The ramp is two lane....get on the ramp and off the ramp asap.....please dont get on it and decide to muck around with your boat or vehicle. The Parking is strictly Angle parking off the side of the road with your trailer slightly backed on the saltpan.....still have no idea.....ask a local....please or better still come and talk to Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation. Thankyou to whoever decided my old signage off the highway need repainting.....if you wanted to repaint it you could have just ask me for the paint and saved yourself some $, onya guys.

The Thirsty Sound Coastguard 2014 tide calendar design is almost finished ready for printing, with the end of the tide books as we know never to be printed again, make the most of both helping the coastguard up here and yourself and purchase one for $5 when you come up in 2014.
until next time, keep enjoying all the pics, and..take time to smell the fish n go fishing,
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