Report 29/3/18

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Report 29/3/18

Post by subeditor » Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:51 pm

Hi everyone it looks like we are in for an interesting Easter Break with Friday at this stage looking the best in terms of winds and rain. If you are heading out it might be worth taking a rain coat Sunday and Monday.

Creeks & Bay
The tides look ideal for fishing the headlands for barra and it would be well worth put a few pots in over the flats in the bay as the rain should have really stirred up the crabs. At this stage the weather is a little unsettled so if you are heading out make sure you check your latest forecast. If you are fishing the creeks and rivers then try to fish the drains and flats as the tide drops out for best results. Shallow diving lures and lightly weighted plastics have been working well lately.
One thing Easter is usually well known for and that’s catching a feed of crabs and from all reports that shouldn’t be a problem this Easter with the rain really helping the cause. The rain should push the crabs out of their holes and depending on how much fresh is in the system they should be concentrated around the mouths of the creeks and rivers. The few hours off the top of the tide should also produce the best crabs so make sure you have your pots in the water during the peak times for best results.
Aleah had a ball casting lures around the Cape when this Trevally smashed her lure.
TownsTrev29318.jpg (25.13 KiB) Viewed 1071 times
Asha had a great day down the Bohle landing this nice Mangrove Jack.
TownsJack29318.jpeg (27.87 KiB) Viewed 1071 times
Blake was fishing in the Burdekin with some mates when this monster metre plus barra took off with his line. Great to here Blake released the big girl after the photo.
TownsBarra29318.jpg (7.47 KiB) Viewed 1071 times
If the rain continues then the Barra in the weirs will continue to bite with some very nice fishing being caught in recent days. Large paddle tail plastics like the Happy Rocks Big Willy’s are the perfect option for the big Ross River Weir Barra. The more rain we get the more they will fire up with heaps of metre plus fishing being caught this month during the rain. Just remember you need to have a SIPs permit for fish the weirs as they are stock impoundments and all the moneys from this program goes back into putting more barra into the system.

At this stage it is hard to know what is going to happen and it is all dependent on the low moving up and down the coast. So at this stage there isn’t much to report on in terms of offshore fishing.

The same can be said for the Dive report this week until we get some settling weather the coast visibility is likely to remain average at best and this weekend’s big tides will only stir thing up even more. Once again some of the sheltered bays might be your best chance of getting a feed of cray while the wind and rain continue.

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