Report 13/4/18

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Report 13/4/18

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:13 pm


Hi everyone it looks like the Friday and Saturday at this stage should be ok for fishing the bay. The tides are ideal and I would expect to see plenty of fish caught in coming days.

Bay and Inshore
With the lead up to the new moon on Monday the tides look ideal for chasing a few grunter around West Point and just inside the Cape. Bowling Green Bay should also produce some nice fish on these tides. Big grunter love slab baits with both strips of mullet, garfish and even wolf herring often produce good fish at times. Another over looked bait when it comes to big grunter is live baits. One of the best for the bigger fish in 60 to 70cm range is small live garfish rigged with as little weight as possible, just enough to get the bait in the strike zone.
The night tides look good far chasing a few fingermark around the Cape and the back of Maggie Island if you can catch a few live squid. If the squid are hard to catch then live mullet can also produce good fingermark in the same areas.
Back inside the Bay the rocky headlands should fish well with for barra with both live baits and lures likely to turn up some nice barra over the weekend. Setting up on the rocky points of the smaller bays with some live bait is a great way to catch a few quality barra this time of year.
Any of the mud drains in the bottom end of the bay should also fish well as the tide drops out of the mangroves with shallow diving lures a great option in these areas. Surface stick baits and lightly weighted soft plastics also work well on these drains and mangrove mud flats.

The Bohle and Haughton have been fishing quite well lately with some nice barra and jacks being caught in recent days with live mullet working well and another bait that has been producing some nice fish lately is the humble herring. Both the green back and the muddy can produce quality fish with the green back being one of the best when it comes to creek fingermark. The mud herring are great barra baits.
Large live prawns are also perfect baits particularly as the temperature of the water starts to cool though the year.
Once again the go to lures and plastics in the creeks at the moment seem to be Prawn imitation soft plastics and or the vibe style lures jigged around the drop offs and underwater ledges.
Kallen landed this barra.
TownsBarra13418.jpg (5.97 KiB) Viewed 915 times
Trolling lures is also a great way of catching good fish with the traditional lures like Barra Classic 120s. When looking for a good trolling lure particularly when chasing barra it is very important to make sure the running depth is very close to the actual depth you are trolling. If you are not rattling the timber every now and then the chances of getting a barra to bite is quite low. Secondly look for a lure that can be pulled through the timber without snagging up all the time. Thirdly floating lures often help when it comes to working very snaggy stretches of a creek or river. I also prefer a lure with three sets of trebles as the hook up tend to be better on average.
Kallen's younger sister Millie wasn’t to be outdone, catching this quality barra.
TownsBarra13418_2.jpg (10.7 KiB) Viewed 915 times
With little or no rain the weirs have slowed in terms of run-off and fish being caught but it is just a matter of changing things up there are still plenty of good barra in these areas. A few tips to improve your catches without the run-off, firstly drop the size of your plastics and most importantly start using darker colours.

At this stage there could be a small window on the Saturday to get out but it is likely to be short lived with winds back up around the 15-20knots on the Sunday. It is best to keep an eye on the latest forecast if you are heading out this weekend. I am sure there will be plenty of fish on the bite once the weather drops out – fingers crossed we get some 5 to 10 knots very soon as I am sure there are a lot of keen offshore anglers comping at the bit to get into some reefies.
Conna had a ball fishing the Barratta’s over the Easter Break catching this nice grunter.
TownsGrunter13418.jpg (16.78 KiB) Viewed 915 times

Last week was again unfortunately quiet on the diving front, the wind being a major factor for smaller vessels trying to access the reef.
A couple of Tackle World regulars managed to sneak in an overnight trip to the reefs off Lucinda and were rewarded for their effort with a good mixed bag of reef fish including Trout, RTE and a 9kg Spanish, just goes to show, fortune favors the bold.
The water in our local bay is still a bit dirty, however with the Westerly’s there have been pockets of clear water around the island and some parts of Cape Cleveland. A report of up to 3m Vis came from a local Spearo who despite the weather on Sunday poked out around the island, fish were skittish and hard to come by but they still managed a feed including a 67cm fingermark taken in 11m of water.
Stay tuned, if you’re thinking of getting into the Spearfishing scene or you’re looking to upgrade, Tackle World Townsville will soon be doing complete starter kits at a massively discounted price and hundreds of $ savings. These kits will include quality essentials such as; Wetsuit, Mask, Fins, Socks, Gloves, belt/Weights and everything you need to be setup to dive and enjoy this wonderful sport at an affordable price.
Friday and Saturday are shaping up to be ok, so drop in as see us a Tackle World in Domain Central before you go and let us take care of all your rigging and replacements. As always, dive safe and never take more than you need.

Danny, Cam & the Tackle World Team
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